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House Democrats who claim President Trump is manufacturing a crisis at the border. We're unable to come up with enough votes to override his veto. So as a national emergency declaration remains in place, those on the border continued to ring the alarm customs and border patrol tweeted a picture saying border patrol recorded more than thirty seven apprehensions along the southwest border yesterday, the largest single day total and more than a decade. Fox's Leland bittered the border patrols also temporarily closed highway checkpoints in New Mexico and west Texas to focus on the influx of Central American families arriving here, a marine murder mystery had a military base in California almost two weeks ago. Lance, corporal Riley Schultz was on guard duty at Camp Pendleton where he was later found dead with a gunshot wound to the head shelters. Mother told their local paper Longmont Colorado that at first she was told it was a suicide the next day. She was told it was not the first marine expeditionary force has gone south. Silence on the matter. The navy is investigating Schultz's body will be flown back to his home state for funeral services. Next month. Ken Dorsey, Fox News soldier who died. Trying to stop a suicide bomber we'll get the nation's highest military honor posthumously army staff sergeant Travis Atkins was killed outside Baghdad in June of two thousand seven when he bear hugged a man wearing a bomb vest saving his fellow soldiers from harm while he was originally granted the defense service cross they review decided Atkins should receive the medal of honor John Valdo or was his battalion commander in my role. I think is to ensure that travis's heroic actions are never forgotten or diminished. A ceremony will be held today at the White House to formalize the metal Atkins was on his second enlistment when he was killed at age thirty-one Eban Brown. Fox News, Wall Street, stocks could drop at the opening bell. Dow futures are down after I one hundred forty point gain yesterday. I'm Dave Anthony. This is Fox News..

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