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You know the more you know just saying that they they it oxidizes thank you I know you have the little frother attach the machine we can also yes ma'am so handheld ones yes ma'am you can get both are fantastic it's it's joyous six twenty one okay so the now legendary B. R. ther failed to shoot for in my talk commercial Alexis released her blooper reel that people were laughing at people thought this thing was so bad in such a train wreck Alexis kids from Alexis a kid's parted I people thought I had to rats I mean it's just an epic disaster I mean it would this is just so we released all man Alexis released her blooper reel her on cut unvarnished director's cut of all of her takes on the my talk social accounts oh my goodness Alexis see I told you guys what a train wreck it was going back through it just going what's the baby's crying yeah it was it was an emotional time we think capture it but yeah he farted and then I could not get it together after that I mean you know for a five month old to fight like that yeah it was just pretty up it's hilarious and then we had a drunk wasn't on hill yeah I know you're you don't he would own one like that they came out you know both looked at him like whoa baby yeah whoa and then I just keep couldn't get it together I mean we were laughing so hard that I would pee my pants you know and and you know you go through all of the emotions of your frustration because I couldn't get the words out and then if I'm snippy at at at on hell and then he'll he's questioning the nodding thing like why are you smiling after you just said something very I heard you go along you're like this is what she wants is to do he wants us to look in the camera looks stupid just going back to the messages to admin okay now add this now now stand up put the headset on your neck now do that you know so it was just so funny to me that I thought you know what let's just write his narrative down and just like hopefully people who you know didn't listen to the show yeah you put little things in between that was helpful yeah this is what this take was supposed to be yeah yeah and then she added this and so and now the other thing that I didn't put in the video because it just it didn't work with the pacing of it is at one point and I don't know if this has happened to you guys when you're recording something he switched to the slow mo mode yes so three of the takes are actually in school will move with your I.

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