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Silver diner location. Sign up today for free lunch Friday. Right here on w T o P 12 28 Way have traffic and weather on the eights. Every 10 minutes here on W. T. O P read a counselor in the W T O p Traffic center, saying a little bit of it is lay on 3 95 in the south bound direction, mostly from seminary road toward Duke Street Watch for any accident activity that authorities are looking for in either direction. It was westbound 66 in the area of 29 in Gainesville. The right side was blocked with the crash but not seen To the backup 95. No reported issues between Fredericksburg and Springfield, now updating the situation on the outer loop of the Beltway topside after Connecticut before 3 55 looks like it's two lanes to the right then are now getting you by the accident. Delays are after Georgia Avenue, the inner loop of the Beltway. There were reports of two separate crashes, one before River Road and the one before old Georgetown Road that was along the right side of the roadway on T 70. North bound, seeing delays out a rock fall from 28, often on making your way past. 3 70. There's a report of a crash North bound to 70 ramp toe 1 18 with a vehicle into the guard rail. Also in Frederick 26 or Liberty, Rhoda already Kemp road. You're under police direction for the crash. Westbound. I 70 before 66 in Boonsboro. A single right lane Get you by the crash involving an overturned vehicle and seven long sordid MacArthur Boulevard was a report of some downed wires in the roadway. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. Storm team force Matt Ritter. I see and slippery today as a wintry mix goes back to all snow throughout.

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