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Comes in two hundred fifty milliliter cans and they include ten milligrams of active CBD. How did you decide? What is the right amount to you so much? Variation is products across the spectrum. And what was behind the decision to include ten milligrams? We wanted to find the optimum quantity for helping you to feel calmer and fill more balance and more focused at work. Initially so we did a lot of efficacy testing as a team to find the right dose of the qualities that we're using to have that effect and that all many many businesses out that with different dosages. So if you wanted. Cbd before beds you would take a much higher dosage of fifty milligrams or more if you're looking at CBD. From medicinal point of view you would look much much higher again so for us bring something to the world that is common fakes at work. Ten milligrams with the optimum amount. It looks like the future looks quite promising. The demand for Seabrook's is growing steadily. So how do you see that future yourself? What kind of plans have you met for the future with in? Cheang way are very much working on building the business in the UK for now. But what we're looking. At is global trends. Cbd and what's interesting is that there is some markets like South Korea where CBD's popular and emerging places like Thailand CBD's popular. Say as we look to the future we will definitely be expanding into these four thinking countries credentials. More ABOUT THOSE TRENDS. You've been looking at what's happening globally. We know globally that people are drinking less and looking for great alternatives to coal and so with CD products. It's it's a great alternatives alcohol because you can feel Karma more focused you can switch modes have been with your friends and feel like you're drinking something more grown up without having to drink alcohol so I can see CBD very much moving into that. No low space. Let's talk about the mortgage a bit more. I'm wondering what kind of market research conducted when you were considering launching in tune first of all homeless competition. Is there at the moment? And how carefully did you think about what he's making your products difference? Let the moment. There are several bronze on the markets but CBD in injuring his fairly new emerging in the UK. Other brands are either playing on the cannabis side of things. That's kind of leaves around or very much. The medicinal side but what we wanted to create was a lifestyle brand that would appeal not busy modern people. He wants to get more out of their day. So we've gone for quite graphic look with our drinks. Was Your Target Group. Okay if we have defined that. Cd IS APPEALS. To many many people we know that there are more use of CBD than Vitamin C and Vitamin D markets combined in the UK. But because for us we're busy modern people we found that helps with focus at work. Where targeting twenty to thirty side-hustle as we call them people who have lots of different interests and lots going on and want to focus and Keenan and getting gene and just finally on a you mentioned something about your future plans already but considering how fast this market is growing what kind of goals you have for the future well for me personally having found this benefit of focus through CBD. It's just to get in a delicious and easy drinking way to as many people as possible to help them thrive and get more out of life so starting from the UK and building out to other markets in years to come what those other markets beam. That's very much. Donte regulation and consumer demand which is changing all the time so we will start to look hits. Cd Open European markets. And then let me onto the likes of South Korea and places that you might not expect to be going for. Cbd drinks but a very much open. See them talking about your future plans. I'm wondering do you have any plans to take over the nightlife anything for the boss? Absolutely we have worked with lots of bartenders in the past because my background is working with alcoholic drinks and bartenders are very open to in Chino. We've had some great tastings of meetings with bartenders. And that's because buzz are expanding their low no of frings but also looking for interesting mixes is part of that. So we're combining in cheam with the like solve ever leaf and acorn to create greats non alcoholic cocktails but also bartenders looking at making with alcohol. Hannah phones roof the new CD of trink brand in tuned..

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