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Is obsessed with me. This is lou. Shaw not pulling any punches. When talking about josie marina and his criticism of the manchester united defender. Of course they were together. When maria was in charge at old trafford speaking in the media just off the czech republic match for example he picked on luke schenn and his horrible corners before the tournament. He said he would have to. Well starting fullback position wouldn't have sure anywhere near the same He seems to genuinely have a problem. Well i mean when manages a club that are always plays the lake investment right and usually the ones that are playing well. Strange and people who don't think are doing an not playing. Well sometimes that can be a problem but clearly look show. Her hoodies best season yet for united. There's no but yeah. Marinas i mean. He's talking about calmness. It's just ridiculous because nitpicking is isn't it pecking because look shows attacking robot in the most important part of as gabe is defending. Yeah so it does seem petty from marino but not surprising. No and it's interesting casey. That marino just keeps going with a slight luke show speaks about the fact that other players are asking what is it. Why is he obsessed with you by making a mountain out memorial here he would just keep bringing it does seem a little odd though the i mean obviously someone with marino's experience and everything through i know he's being asked on this england squad and and his clearly chosen other players to play at of luke shaw a but but why there's this back and forth between two guys who are clearly have much better things to worry about than having this back and forth each other. I don't really know so. Also in this interview frankie said. I don't think any of you realize the two or three as i had with them and how bad it was then what it was like then when he says now is nothing compared to how it used to be a wedding things off when when when he's talking about i'm pointing for two three years not look show. My united were competing and winning. Europa leagues yeah. Efl cup finishing second in the league. So we can talk about marino and wasn't very good football and all that but things are much better now for look shaw because everybody's happy but then went and saw though right right so maybe he needs to grow up bit and say saudi frank marino was. I know as casey said this journalist asking show but look shocking. Kill this right. Just say i don't care. That's very childish. I at the point. You know where you want to talk about the past where nobody cares in fact where we are wondered if it was more you from the past came to manchester united or it was a new marino. What we had the answer could look just say nothing what he thinks. I'm just thinking about of course germany. Of course i don't care must just be like an inner desire that frustration doesn't bring anything because he brings all the problems other issues and we are talking about. It was right. who's wrong. nobody's writing growing. I think they was wrong. Marino should have kept his mouth shut. Let's say and and sure should have say. I don't only talk about at least interest. Marinas getting paid a journalist to journalists competition but gareth southgate are will. Be pulling look sean. Listen yeah a fiasco borough right russia away. Catch knock it back straightaway. Because i bought one. Because he's talking to burrow he saying amon marinas head but it's no in his head and he has been competition to play and chile's reading that right so he's saying more news working for me because he's maybe knowing knowing me play and we'll have a chance to play. He's the squad can get crazy with that right distractions. These y. You would be reading any of them any stage. It's nothing since right ringers. Upon that clearly there's a personality clash between the two is not say things about the player bought away and try not your place for england and do well. That's what i would if it was me. Just a reminder from.

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