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They the ability for two to reject access I else. don't know what I think about this. Exactly. The reason I brought up as the don't know whether everyone else in the world Zuhdi squared this way too. They write out his faction out just don't know about. I don't think so. How did they anyone's even? I think a lot of people listening to this right now is the first time they've thought about which which is the other easement bringing up. A whole bunch of start up, spicy clearer, kind of you'll digital will and you buy you give us all of your passwords. We'll when you die Ella. First of all? No. Secondly, no. And. Thirdly, to veg that these people will be around years from now, would you to die me Tupi dog you know next year. Might be, but not a whole lot of. But you know, I honestly don't think sign up for some service goes set up eighteen months ago with the intention. They'll still be around able to give my pulse words out thirty years from now without being also aren't show. They might give away my pulse, but fifteen years from now when they get salt. So, yeah, so there are provisions place full really big things. Google Facebook, have a Twitter, Instagram, let you memorialize the count. Snapchat has nothing, but you mentioned the phone, John. I'm someone nobody can log into on fire, and I mean fire anxious to my Google account. Then presumably they cannot lock the phone from inside Google account. Well, can't you a lot of phones if you, if you don't pass the fingerprint thing asks you to use the the swipe thing. This white pass code thing? Yes, we have other point is the. But he knows mine. No one knows the pain for fun of me. Yeah. Yeah, but you could. I mean, you could put something like that could document that could. The ways around you. You don't wanna use someone's dead, fingerprints aches. Aches. Equally, I would feel extremely extremely Larry about getting a piece of pipe with Hays, how you look everything out, putting it somewhere, but you stuff that will be weighed. Have you ever had on a Gisneyi go, they suppose you us policies, which would obscure words while the well than the whole budget mixed punctuation day now and every now and again, you'd see one of your words like on a page or something. Again, little electric shock, VO will that's my pulse would. Or if you actually talked pulse, what into Rome window terminals out, that's positive. You hardly ever see actually now having a pace of piper like that would be terrifying. I had someone recently asked me to Email them a password of mine, and I had to say no three or four times they couldn't understand why was Like like. this is what we did. What we'll do is we'll have a phone call, I will. I will give you each letter symbol, but there's gonna be no emailing with how how all these Joe diaper with replaced by zero. That doesn't. I was gonna say a little surprised and quite proud of you, sir. Yes. Well, we should balls for JD really embrace t. Not my security is not that bad. I have to on a bunch of my account. They use a password manager, so you guys can go fuck yourself. There's another thing to give you an example. So major pulse words, magic cloud storage, pulse, good stuff. Last postal dash line stuff lava. They both have a way of nominate emergency access person. You anybody jackets procedure, so you've die. Someone gags is to your counts. Right. But to education makes that Bevere problem. Because even if someone's all your passwords, if you go to, if I turned on the still calling log into whatever this thing is. And if you're sitting out this kind of emergency procedure, you've also about while someone works away around. True. This was this was the whole thought. There's an awful lot to think about in this subject and are nowhere near convinced. I know what the hell are even want to do it. I think this is one of those things where this is to Tolan purposes solved problem, but it's a solved problem in the same way that..

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