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Don't know I mean everybody's got their different areas of expertise. I mean I'm sure I'm looking forward to learn. I always look to learn more stop so by no means. Do I know everything I don't everybody's got their own little angle and different stuff so Yeah Yeah I mean I just didn't know if I that no one knows but I'm probably probably got a few things you know it saw. I've come across a few things and if I have look forward to sharing it. So so what are the things I wanted to talk about? And you can see that up in the people that have joined us live on facebook appreciate that you gotta go to Joe Louis Bourbon Dot Com and follow Joe Louis Bourbon on facebook and then the man cave happy hour. Detroit city of champions has a facebook presence as well so follow us on the socials. But if you're watching on facebook you can see Michael's photo and he's got the the fist there Joe Louis Fist which is right there on Jefferson Avenue at the base of of Woodward right outside of why do I WANNA say hi? This is my one would would say hindsight park. My God I turned into a holy crap all right downtown and Jeff is joining us. Yeah so but I wanted to talk about the tributes to Joe Louis in and around the city Charles in what you know about and then the big thing is in the impact. I'm curious the impact on Joe Joe and his family Joe Louis Arena right. I mean you're going to the Joe Joe Louis and I. It was part of the has been part of the culture and part of Nacuer for for a while. I mean since the Olympia was gone and it was Joe. Louis Arena What impact does that have on Joe Louis Legacy now that Joe Louis Arena is is just a memory What do you? What do you think about that? Charles how do you think that'll impact? Joe Louis is Memory the losing of Joe. Louis arena well. I mean the the thing about it is You know the longer we get from the longer we get from you know from the from the subject of a of history The more you know the more you know especially like the more things that are I guess you say that you know the last that their names spoken Reduces the ability for people to remember. I guess I think that's I think that's really. That's what you know with. The you know the they'll be always be at Joe Louis Arena in memory. You know I mean. That's that's something that's pretty much made People Olympia statements don for awhile. People remember you know Olympia saw it. You know it's it's one of those things at the name's GonNa get mentioned every once in a while. I think folks still have like the original chairs from the From Olympia Tokyo's around. You know so I would hate now with journalists arena be. I've been there a handful of times and you walk.

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