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He took away our careers. I think it's just really important. And why we wanted to share our story and share in so much detail the damage that was done to our careers but who we are as people monash in was the player who went undrafted and she was not on anyone's prospect lists but she tried out and she persevered and she got a spot on the portland thorns sinead farley. A player who has been around women's soccer much longer she played in the previous women's soccer league Women's professional soccer. That's the predecessor to that. Nws l. sushi had been around women's soccer for a long time. So they have very different career trajectories but they were still sort of fringe players on the thorns. So as for the coach paul riley his career trajectory. How would you describe that kaelin. Where did he start in the league. What's his reputation. Ben paul riley is someone who has also been in women's soccer for a long time he also coached in the previous league and that is where the situation with sinead farrelly actually started. It started before they even got s- portland but paul riley someone who had built a really big reputation as someone who had he had a coaching school Soccer school he had built the sort of soccer empire and he was a very successful coach In the previous league he got his start in the wfl when he joined the portland thorns so it was actually the portland thorns that brought him into the nws l. And you know you can't help but think if the portland thorns had handled the complaints against him differently You now how different things would have gone. Because he has since that complaint was filed in twenty fifteen he eventually wants to the western new york clash which turned into the north carolina courage and with those seems he won several championships and shields and he considered one of the best coaches in the league. Many people considered him the best coach in the league yet. A very high reputation. And so that just made it all the more shocking. When all of this came out yes so when. The players made their formal complaints about riley in two thousand fifteen. What did the thorns do as an organization in response. What do we know about that now. I think that's where we still have a lot of questions. Monash shems said. She filed her complaint a few days later she was contacted and she was interviewed. Sinead farley was interviewed but it doesn't sound like other players on the team were interviewed. Alex morgan helped monash him. Filed a complaint. Alex morgan do about what was going on in the team did not interview her either way. Some sort of investigation did happen within one week of monash filing that complaint hall riley's contract was allowed to expire and the thorns issued a press release thanking him for his service. It didn't seem like there was any other reason than onfield results. The thorns had missed playoffs. The only time the team has ever misfly. Offs gavin wilkinson. The gm of thorns had weeks earlier. Said they were hint. He sort of hinted that they were doing that anyway. So nothing seemed to mess. So paul riley was allowed to just walk away without anyone knowing what happened. He told the athletic when he was originally contacted about the stories. He said that he wasn't reprimanded in any way. So there are a lot of questions about what that investigation was but either way at the end of the day the thorns quietly let him leave and then he was quickly hired by the western europe. Lash and you have to think that the flash would've reach out to the thord sock about it. The flash admitted that they knew this investigation happened so there are a lot of questions about people knowing about this but not actually doing very much about it and the language that the team used at the time which is an expiring contract. You know there was that press release that was complimentary. Has their language around. That event changed since will merritt paulson issued an open letter to fans were. He essentially apologize and he said that they handled it. The wrong way But they still maintain that it was a thorough investigation and that they did everything right except for not making it more publicly known what had actually happened. You know the north carolina courage their owner. Put out a statement on wednesday saying that he was aware of the investigation but he had been assured that paul riley was in good. Sandy he very conspicuously does not name who assured him that but there are questions about who decided that what paul riley did wasn't bad enough that he shouldn't continue getting jobs in the nws l. And so what does paul riley said on his own behalf. Response these allegations and what happens next in terms of like further criminal or civil investigation on that when the original report came out monash sinead farley. They chose to tell their stories to the athletic who then reached out paul riley and ask them some questions and he essentially denied the allegations. He said he had never had sex with any of his players. He didn't take his players out drinking. He denied the the biggest parts of the story. We haven't heard anything since the article has come out. But there are now a wave of investigations that are happening into this The thorns are revisiting. Thirteen thousand fifteen investigation. They say that they've brought in outside investigators to look into their investigation and to look in the situation again the nws l. has said they are investigating and us. Soccer has said they are investigating bringing in. Sally yates to investigate. Not just the but any other examples of abuse happening in the end. Wfl so this is launched You know a big response even fica the governing body of world soccer who we would not normally think of The watchdogs of the sport that we want them to be but they are actually even getting involved too so hopefully this means that some of the questions that we have that still linger will eventually be answered. Yeah the nwf sell kaylynn. It does feel like it is scrambling here. I mean the commissioner of the league is now the former commissioner of the league. Lisa baird who resigned last friday. What happened with her. So after mono- shem and sinead farley stories came out. Lisa baird issued a statement saint. She was shocked by these new allegations and she was going to get to the bottom of it. But then alex morgan. On twitter pulled out the receipts and said no actually sinead farley emailed you in april telling you that the twenty-fifth investigation did not look into all the things that paul riley had done. It was insufficient and it needs to be reopened and lisa barred did not want to reopen the investigation. She said it had been handled. The matter settled she ended her email to sinead farley. By saying thank you again for your email and i wish you the best. It was very dismissive so once. Alex.

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