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93 93 On Twitter at Tony Cats, T o k. E T Z. You can email me Tony at wnbc dot com. But before I get to the phones, let's listen to doctors. This happens on MSNBC, and I wanted to share the almost the whole clip for you right. It's Craig Melvin, who's introducing it and you know, we wanted to hear from medical professionals about sending kids back to school. How this got onto NBC blows my mind. Stop what you're doing and listen. They picked five doctors. From around the country are experts agree. Most Children don't get a sick of adults and a serious complications are rare. This has been a strange pandemic because usually for respiratory viruses, Children are the first and the most substantially affected. This has really been a flip of that, where it's are adults, and particularly are older adults that have been more effective. In fact, kids only account for 2% of all cases. Doctors say they don't expect that number to significantly increase when school's open because kids don't appear to be good at spreading the virus. Our kids is good at transmitting the virus is adults. The data that has come out now seems to show that most transmissions her from adults, adults adults, two Children, a younger you are probably the less likely you are to be able to transmit the disease. Well, many teachers are concerned about reopening school so soon. Five doctors. We spoke to agreed the benefits of being in the classroom far outweigh the risk of disease. But the key is to reopen safely. We are not seeing Visions were possible guidelines think each school system is going to have to come up with their own guidelines. Because you can't just say that one city is just like the next. All agree guidelines should include rules for social distancing. Keep desks 3 to 6 feet apart and makes your desks aren't facing each other schools may want to consider holding gym classes outside. Well, that's certainly acceptable for warm weather places harder in the cold weather. But are you hearing things where people are saying? My goodness, Do not? Do not? Do not send your kid to school? They're going to die. No, As a matter of fact. You're hearing just the opposite. In your perfect world of sending gives back to school. What would you like seeing set up in the school systems. They should try Tio. Increased air flow in the classrooms tried to distance as much as possible. I have been doing a lot of research looking into face masks. I don't think they're necessarily useful in elementary school Children they do. Provide protection. I think for Isil students, would you let your kids go back to school? I will. My kids are looking forward to it. Yes, period. Absolutely absolutely. As much as I can. About a hesitation without hesitation. Yes, I have no concerns about sending my child to school in the fall. I will My kids go back to school. So high school kids wear a mask. If not just protect each other, but protect the teachers and the administration. The elementary school kids don't even have to bother. But every doctor, five doctors interviewed every doctor would say, Oh, absolutely. I send my back kids back to school. Absolutely. Positively, I would send my kids back to school. So the question before the house is what exactly is Washington Township talking about? What is it that they are saying? What is it that they're doing? Why are they doing it? Where's the science? And the question that follows up is where in the world are the parents in Houston? The teachers union is calling for a virtual start to the school year. Why I got five doctors here from the doctors of Indianapolis. We have to. We can have school. Do you know how much of this smacks is political that you're willing to use Children as shields to keep things up ended until the election. Isn't that when we thinking about California it is madness. But answer the question. The doctors are all wrong. Where's the science? You're really focused on. Did you talk to the parents at all? Or is this just political? Let me go to Randy. Randy. Welcome to the show. What's going on, Randy? Good morning, Tony Washington Township. Just past this big referendum, you know, to raise.

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