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We'll all right welcome back you're rudy this is the jason stapleton program i have a very special episode for you as a as you know when i first started this year one of the things i wanted to do was have more a political folks on who are actually running for office against the incumbents people that i thought uh had a very liberty based mindset and a and some of them were going to agree with everything on and some of them you're going to agree with some of them on but these are folks that i think fundamentally have a a libertarian a liberty bias and who are going to hopefully phil fill the role of someone who is a would be a good person for congress and i don't know for sure because naturally i'm i'm interviewing them at all i have is just a rough outline of what they believe but i want you to at least be introduced to them i want to be a place where those folks who would otherwise have a very difficult time competing maybe they've got to something that they can take out and share with people about who they are and what they believe and and i want you guys especially since we have a national audience for you guys to know who these folks are so that you remember their names and day and when they go we will the polling booth you will you recognize the name of the person that you may or may not be voting for so anyway the first guy that we've got four for you is ebbing by an ad hoc agreed first name the first person we have four used tim donnelly not tim is a former california state assemblyman and he is running for congress representing the eighth district here in california anna and we'll talk a little bit about this in the episode of who he is in and what he's trying to do we talk a little bit about a foreign policy we talk a little bit about immigration we talk some taxes out very really good interview i think you guys will enjoy it and so without further ado without further will be rambling by me i give you tim donnelly tim donnelly welcome to the show my friend.

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