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I mean he's known. I'm for doing this but just how he incorporates dysfunctional families and family dynamics feels genuine despite being stylized for the most part man impressive impressive <hes> and especially dealing with brothers. That's a big thing with him. <hes> yes in his first few especially yeah and so i i love alabama labat think ben stiller is very good and just how he's always good yeah look for ben stiller and how he is trying to get his kids ready for the world and all that and also how he i guess towards the end of the movie yeah they show his depression. I think is very good. Yes well and oh that moment when he says dad. Oh yeah that's so good yeah de good and so yeah it really does. I liked that. They never really make him here. Gene hackman yeah get on my nerves like indelicate houston's clue the better parent and i come on. Don't say there's a lawn mower the anyways i do like a lot more guy. I know it happens every time. Sorry oh i i like when a gene hackman takes the two kids on the garbage yet truck. That's good just little scenes like that are very endearing in and it's i think it's a very very funny movie yeah one of his his funniest definitely and so yeah it's i think it is deserving of its acclaim. Yes yes very solid. <hes> an like we said i do love the color palette the reds and pinks and oranges and all that i i think it looks fantastic and i love the the houses of course used to focus on focusing and i love ben. Still i love the black tracksuits yeah..

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