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Measurement, the the you know the pulse taking that we've been doing Jay these last several weeks, I it's not it's not a favorite division of mine, but this is shaping up to be a really good fun race. Potentially I mean the only crop pollination really has been art collector right and maybe midcourt it looks like art collectors dirt mile. They're still. Considering the classic but but you know again I think it would take wholesale defections from the classic for them to change their mind that you know the intention is to go in the dirt mile But. You know the the top of the list you've got. You. Know there's there's some question mark b the complexity of obviously extremely talented horse but is it was one to turn race was poor granted it was. You, know two years ago and he's a better horse now and he bucked his shin. So it's you know it's kind of a throw out, but but he's not proven himself around two turns you in the current second choices is. In the race would-be macomer WHO's Far More likely to go in the sprint. So and then after that, it gets a little more wide open you got came exco comes up that big win at Keeneland in his laugh start among others So it's a IT'S A. It's going to be fulfilled. There's a lot of voices are you know connections that want to run their horses in the race and but there's A chance for the. Complexion of that field of to really. Change by By race, day I think. Let's run down the names that that you've been tracking and You know it's a it's a very you know it's a very familiar group. You know we did we did have the conversation with Mark Cassie on Wednesday J. that we asked about war will and his presence is is notable we saw where. We saw where Mike Welsh the through bodey expresses hat in the ring after last week's effort Then there's the Mr. Monies, and the Mr Freezes Jesus's team and Pirates Punch Rush Sharp Samurai and I know that this is one that you you know you were you know kind of advocating for him to to go this route. Right and they're gonNA. Get the story on him the other day. For similar to what I did with the classic and writing about by my standards I focused on Sharp Samurai for the dirt Mile I. Think he's very live here. is Pacific classic was an excellent runner up effort behind maximum security probably distance a little beyond his best. He's better between a mile, a mile and an eighth. he's got a terrific writer Upgrade. They've got a Rod Ortiz to write them in the dirt mile. So I think he's very live in the spot and You know the he just needs to he needs to to get a win. He's he's done a long time without winning, but he's run some really good races this year. Top horses like maximum security and most fours and united. Second place finishes behind horses who are all live in their respective. Breeders, Cup races. So he I think he fits really well the dirt. Mile. And the The you talked about Bret Calhoun. Where does Brett stand with with his both candidates? Brothel running you know both the mister money and. silver dust they were supposed to work this morning Churchill, I haven't looked at the tab there yet but. He. Told me both sources were scheduled to work today by my standards tomorrow. So he'll have you'll to in the dirt Mile Mr Money and silver does. How `Bout Dale we talked to, after Mr Freezes Effort and I actually I. I was a tweak at him to consider the sprint but Mr. Freeze. Bourbon calling what's his status? I think they're more likely to stay around one turn with him but he's he's definitely under consideration for the race. but he's he's seems like he's a better. One turn kind of horse one horse in here who was seriously be considered the race depending on what happened with the entries for Maryland was Harper's I ride special Winner I talked his trainer, Claudio Dollars, the other morning, and he told me that. There was a real fear that the race that he was. Considering. Laura wasn't gonNA fill and if it didn't, they were GONNA go to the dirt mile, but they prefer to run the Maryland million races in the race lent. So so he's GonNa stay put. Well and he's Found not mistaken. I he's. He's a heavy favorite in the. in the Maryland. Where what happened my Maryland million I got this. Way Too many. Too, many PP's for what's what's supposed to be fairly quiet weekend but I've got somewhere. I'LL DIG it out. Jackson and true timber. Yeah. No true timber. Will Run brush she'll run so like I said I think it'll be a full field. Don't forget that race a maximum of twelve fourteen. So I think you'll get they could get fulfilled. and. So we're pending decisions than where Bodey Express might end up being potentially the. Twelfth. All right. I think he'll run I I. I think they're concerned Steve was with woody get in and I think he will actually you know with the coma going to the sprint I think when push comes to shove bodey express will be one of the. You, know one of the twelve. Excellent vessel is the dozen the dozen that we just ran down for those of you that were either Jotting Down Complexity Sharp Samurai rushie pirates, punch art collector canucks go war of will Mr Money Silver Dust Jesus team, MR, freeze true timber Bodey Express..

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