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We do not have any basketball on Monday night. In fact, there's just one playoff game because we're down to the final four and each sport. So the only thing you have is game two between the sharks and the blues that when taking place in San Jose. And of course, the sharks one on Saturday night, they doubled up the blues. And so they've got the one oh lead. Logan Kapoor is in some kind of his own right now. But for those of you who listed on a regular basis, you know that Joe Thornton's by favorite hockey player of all time and. Thirty nine years old. I just want him to get another shot at a Stanley Cup. So been rooting hard for the sharks. It was really fun though. Very stressful to be able to watch that game seven against the avalanche and be able to cheer and scream and route like a fan stressed out fan, and then not have to take notes and come to work afterwards. I don't get those luxuries very often. But that was one luxury that I did enjoy vacation. I was ranting and raving along with the rest of you about the Kentucky Derby and the interminable replay it took forever. And I understand that that was a big deal over the first couple of days last week when I wasn't here. So we're asking you now to to kind of move forward and jump into this full workweek with us. And and what's up, yo? Eight five five two one two four two two seven Georgia's in Stone Mountain Georgia, welcome to after hours. Moaning their Amy welcome back. Thank you. Houston go to in St Paul do not have the heart a champion like crate and stuff too. There are two. Historic disliked over my lifetime. And that is your team the Boston Celtics, and you wanna know what we're real beautiful when your best player decide to let Kobe Bryant get in his head. Kobe Bryant you the reason why the most is to allow a championship year to get away from them. I don't know about this year another year, this particular. Yeah. I don't know that I would have called this championship year. I get that the expectations are really high. But this team never looked like a champion to be. They had had too many moving parts. And Gordon Hayward wasn't himself until the end of the year. But really it never fit the pieces never fit together. Once they were all reunited with kyri, Gordon coming, you know, coming back, and I never felt like they had the the chemistry. Never felt like they had that rhythm and groove. They put themselves in a hole with the way they started. So yeah, I don't know that I again, the expectations were there because of what they did a year ago get into the Eastern Conference finals, but that was a special formula and the chemistry did not carry over. And Kyrie's not a leader. He doesn't inspire guys to follow him. He's an incredible player offensive player for sure, but it upset the chemistry in that locker room. So I think more I think there. A lot of people, and I will I will say inside the locker room. I've heard this as well that that were anxious for this run to be over. Ma'am. The reason is that Kobe Bryant get entirely head that Cephas Koi. Bryant Kobe Bryant that forced the Lakers get rid of shack. Why he would maintain going that he could do everything? And not the reason why the other players did not like with Koby. I mean play with and rewrite nor the superstar to LA the pray with Koby. Well, we'll see what happens now because Kyrie is he's rumored to potentially be interested in reuniting with LeBron in Los Angeles. So that would be crazy. Brown wanting to work I read well, I don't know that LeBron's calling the shots. I'm not sure who's calling the shots in Los Angeles. But I don't know that it's LeBron. Put it this way. I don't they really, including the attitude the prayer spree. Well, did he assigned all those offer that he thought he was gonna get another gonna get there because he's a cancer? I don't think I'd go that far. I just don't think he's a leader. He he doesn't. Yeah. He doesn't inspire guys to rally around him or and and some of his comments to that they've seen if not divisive than than definitely not the type that would that would get guys to play their full potential. So I think there will be offers get he's a great offense of guard. He has the potential to run a series to to run a team just he's not the guy who's supposed to be your your spiritual leader. So to speak, George. I appreciate your call. Thank you so much and be a reporter just told him to. He was saying that Kobe Bryant getting Kyran here. It was called them possible championship this year. Poor Kobe getting blamed for all kinds of weird things, George. Thank you so much good to talk to you eight five five two one two four two two seven, you know, who is good at getting an opponent's heads. That's Tiger Woods least. He used to be maybe after winning the masters. He'll have that potential yet. Again. It's. Gulf next to major the world's best. I the oh website read that right? The world's best I the prestigious Wanamaker trophy. It's one of the coolest names for a trophy sports. Tiger shoots for back. Toback majors. Try to win sixteenth overall and creep up on Jack Nicklaus. The PGA championship is this weekend on CBS. You can find me on Twitter Ayla radio. We're asking you to vote for sure. And I know some of you have sent this to me one of ask asked you what's up about Matthew bowling from a high school in Houston, Texas, running a four four seven four four hundred meter which was the type of performance that would win gold medals. He did this in the Texas State championships. It was a record breaking leg and really cool to watch the video. If you haven't seen it, it's all over social media. So asking you what what's up, yo that's one thing. You've mentioned a lot of you have mentioned Premier League as well. So you can find us on Twitter or on Facebook. And definitely appreciate all of your kind words. Welcome me. Back from vacation. I had to do a lot of catch up on social media. The last couple of days because I I really did take a break from from Twitter and Facebook, it was nice. I promised you one more story about the accident that I had on the beach. Okay. You know, me I laugh at myself all the time. Right. I don't have any problems laughing at myself when I make a fool out of myself. That's I think one of my tearing qualities whatever I mean, it I get embarrassed sometimes too. But you might as well laugh, so you don't cry. So I didn't take my beach chair with me to Hilton Head. Instead, I borrowed the one that was there with the house that I was saying, and I took it to the beach. And I it was one of those ones that leaned back. You know, like one of those types of chairs where it's meant for you to essentially lay prone as opposed to sitting up street. Well, I wanted to read my book, I didn't want to lay back. I wanted to sit up a little straighter. I mean, not completely straight up. But I wanted to be able to to lean forward without having to hold my book about my head. Right. So I'm in this chair and. And I'm trying to scoot the legs into a different position. Here's have that potential beach chairs where you can you can move them into different positions, and you can change the angle at which you're sitting. Yeah. Not this one all of a sudden as I'm scooting, and I'm pulling up the back of the chair the entire chair flips over backward me in it and lands on the sand. So let me describe for you. I'm stuck in the chair because the chair has collapsed on top of me. I'm laying on my back with my legs up in the air. And what do I do start cackling like an idiot. I didn't even know how to get out of the chair because I was stuck in the chair. And I just started laughing and was do you ever have one of those laughing fits where you start at? You. Just can't stop. Well, it was kind of like that. It was as noxious. And it was it just I couldn't get out of the chair. I really care about getting out of the chair. All I do is laugh and the more. I laughed the harder. I laughed and no doubt the people around me wondered what in the what is she doing? In fact, they probably said what's up, you know, they didn't. I mean, I refuse to look at anyone because what was the point. I knew there staring at me. But yeah, there are no pictures. I'm going to assume there's no video. I'm just telling you. I was stuck in the chair. My legs were up in the air. And I was laughing my rear end. I mean, only me maybe only maybe somebody else out there has has fallen over into beach Charon gotten stuck before. But it was pretty perfect for my vacation. I hadn't laughed like that. In quite a while. Dave, you may be really good. If you tell me you've done that before too. Chris would never admit is. Yes, the answer's yes. Have you really? Yes. Oh, cool. Chris come on. Yeah. Thanks, guys. It's good to know you mystery. I appreciate that. So we are back at it. Happy Monday to you, again, check out some of the photos a few of my favorite things from vacation, including my guy, Jack, no not the one with the goal teeth. You can find those on Twitter and Facebook talk tonight after hours CBS sports radio. Ninety.

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