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When outsourcing at the store are able to see in real time whether there is a listing on Walmart and the potential profit for an item. Yet yes or no, you can see if it's offered on. WALMART DOT COM and hit here. Here's what you're going to need to look for your and I know given some stuff away, but you're going to have to see if there's other people selling or if Walmart, dot, com is out of stock because a lot of times, Walmart Dot Com is going to be selling it for you know the price that it is on the shelf and you. It's harder to make money that way. Okay, but IF WALMART DOT COM is out of stock, and there's a lot. Lot of program, or there's a lot of products that they're out of stock on. then. That's GONNA. Give you a a an indicator. That might be an item that you want to test. And then if you see, there's other people saw I, mean then then you can kind of see what they're asking for. What their prices and so really a lot of this! There's a lot of similarities with that as it is with Amazon. Because if you're GONNA, look on, Amazon, you probably want to see how many people are selling. What are they selling it for so so yes. But it's it's a little bit more complicated because just because it's listed on. There doesn't guarantee that you're going to be able to sell it. There are there are a handful of products that are prohibited. I am still looking for a list of those, even though Walmart dot the Walmart help menu will say referred to the list I'm still in the process of of finding that list now. I've gathered a bunch of them that I. I know they don't want you to list and and again you're going to see some of those on there. Because people have found ways to break the rules so to speak I try to be a real role follower as much as I e and. cans asking about the how complex it is to open up a walmart account. How hard was it for you? You've really wasn't hard at all. Now. That's partly because I watched Danny's Webinar Danny gives a very large list of price. You have to do an on boarding process, and that's where a lot of people get hung up is with the on boarding process. You have to submit a list of products that you're wanting to sell. And then they have to review those products, and and I think a lot of people get hung up there in in the in the course. I think I'm going to give you some some tips. I think will help a little bit with that. Is there any Kimberly Olson, or is there any corresponding software like inventory lab etcetera? Does this entering integrate with quickbooks? probably we've honestly what we have done is just created our own spreadsheet of you know when items sale and you can download a walmart dot or the Walmart seller center allows you to download like your sales are your products that type of thing so you can get all of that information and I'm sure you. Could you know put it into something I? Don't know of any products that will pull that information out. There could be software that does that but at. This is something I'd have to look into to find out. Are you able to lift stuff from competitor stores like target? yeah I mean if I. if there's a listing Ford or or you WanNa, create a listing. I mean I hate to use the term wild west, but I mean in some ways it's. It's kind of like the wild west I mean you can. A lot of stuff up there and I mean that's not to say that you know you might mean. You could get a little letter in the mail. Saying don't do that by until you do I guess you're okay. How often is Walmart Post payments to your seller account. On. It I don't know that I've taught my habit, but I know it takes a while there is you know there are several weeks of you know downtime before you start seeing the payments, okay? Bill wants to know. What is the facebook page us to check with others for consistent issues. I will have to get you that information broadcom front right now I've got saved in my group's. PROBLEM BILLS IN LEGENDS SO WE CAN GET OUT. We'll find that Jeff Notice Walmart collected remit the sales tax similar to Amazon. yet, it's my understanding. They do because I. see it on the air. So, yes, the answer would be to that. got folks asking about the categories wants to know what categories are seen. The least competition answering wants to know what categories do well or best. I'm giving a lot of way here, but toys I mean that's. That's where it's at right now is with toys now. I've also in grocery. I just I don't think you can go wrong and grocery, but of course right now I mean this is just a kind of a strange time right now, a hand people get upset on their dislike. They do Amazon because they don't understand that. If I've got three little boxes of corn bread and I've got to ship those all outs California. It's GonNa cost me ten dollars to ship those out there all right so I've got. I've got to add ten dollars to the price. And so they get upset about that and I say you know these things cost a dollar in your charging way too much, but you know that they just don't know they don't understand. I think I think Amazon has spoiled a lot of people to with their free two day shipping You know not everybody can do that, so share or he wants to know of. Submit, PROOF OF BUSINESS INSURANCE I do not. Remember having to submit proof of business insurance. That's a good question. I don't remember having to do that I know when I signed up for Amazon they. They ask if you had it again again, I mart. Yes, I think yes, good habit. And just by the way we went with someone local. We got a really good deal. We tell them what we were doing. I mean I negotiated with just a local company, and if you don't have business insurance, I mean in the day and age that we live in I definitely would would get it. Brian, how do you gain traction on Walmart for an item? Have a bundle. The sells well on Amazon. Ben Haven't had any hits on it with Walmart will. That's A. that's a tough question. in a the group that I mean I did see someone who is having success. Couldn't keywords in so I think that the algorithm would work very similar to Amazon if you? You had a program that could help you find a search engine.

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