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15 and 45 powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white Think Rhett What's happening rob wood fork Well here's what's happening to the nationals actually enjoying an 8 two lead in Milwaukee They're looking to avoid to get swept there in Milwaukee They lead 8 to two where in the bottom of the 6th inning Aaron Sanchez getting plenty of run support he needs it 7 are actually 5 innings of 7 hit two run ball He did surrender a home run but he is in line for the win thanks to again plenty of run support Juan Soto driving in two of those runs so did lane Thomas on the positive notes here on the injury front Steven Strasburg and Joe Ross opening rehab starts later this week so maybe some more reinforcements there for the pitching staff Meanwhile the Orioles trail to raise 5 to three this one top of the 7th inning the rays in front 6 to three as Ryan mount castle with a home run to highlight the Orioles They're starting pitcher Spencer Watkins gives up three runs on three hits before even recording an out He would take a fastball off the arm before leaving a start that lasted all of 13 pitches The mystics leading Chicago in a nationally televised contest coming out of halftime by a score of well they were leading at halftime It's now 46 to 42 a little bit of a run there for Chicago coming out of the break Rookie Shakira Austin with the lead among all scores with 12 points in the first half that the PGA Championship mido Pereira still your leader at 9 under That's good for a three stroke lead Rob woodfork WTO sports.

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