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Here you got to run your offense. Get a great look. Boy and checks back into the lineup for Arkansas. So does. Bailey now here is green batches to Doron Davis low post right side turns around tries to put her outdraws another. How can a lot of switches defensively? Kamal console. Brought to light. Bodied defenders. So he can switch a lot out on the perimeter. What that creates is a mismatch down low low block for drawn. Dave, it's not many guys can handle him one on one time had the mismatch against Joe able to draw the foul so Doron back to the free throw. Strive for the third time in this capacity, rattles after his first three in a row try to keep that going employing Indiana within five of hits the second at sixteen to ten right now at ten thirty four to go in the half algorithm. Just arrest for the first time, here's free throw. Number two. This was off the rim. No, good rebound. Isaiah joe. And back comes Arkansas the attack. Jalen Harris to the left side rebel cut off. Throws it out front. The Bailey Bailey ghost also boy boy much for Jones and gives it up to us jobs between the circles holds onto it for a second now passes right to also boy drives those back outside to Jones. John's looks up the clock throws it back left. Jalen Harris, Harris holds five and a shock drives down low base. Past jones. He runs right into the hawk. Doc Roberts shot. Here's green outside the Pfister along the way, though. Rebound comes up with a. Zack. Sixteen. Now right side pass does John's outside the boy and rise right away to John's John pulls up. Let's go a three short off the rim. Rabaeus grade down to Florida rob fantasy dries inside kicks out the Fetzner pets there. Fires another three. I. Anderson has to call a timeout. Nine twenty four to go here in the first half. But are consolidating Indiana by only appoint now sixteen to fifteen all season long Papa John's get forty percent off pizzas of regular menu. Prices. Kept percent of the discounted prices. Go to the dance marathon of supportive Roddy hospital for children use promo code. I you the Bordia Papa John's dot com times you see a good teams. A lot of times you see a guy that comes off the bench and kind of like a spark plug guy, Nick Roberts. The last three possessions for Indian has been a spark plug guy comes up with huge blocks against Mason Jones underneath the basket offense. Rebound leads to an Indiana bucket and then a defensive. Indiana and open three early and transaction exactly proper. Explain really well right now for Indiana won't show up much on the stat line. But what you get is energy off events. And that is what he has provided this team Indiana who started really slow offensively. Sometimes all it takes one guy to make a difference to get everybody else going, and that's a few seen here. The last three or four times down the Zach Roberts got a block at one end. And then he got a tip into the hands of the easy layup. So obviously, he's doing some special things, but you'll never see it the box your right side. This is Joe with the basketball. No, I take that back at sills who drives in laser there. Does he sells with his seventh? Boy, just went right past Fender on the plane Indiana's damn three again at eighteen to fifty. We'll bring it across the timeline. Takes it lap with the bass Bassett arrived Davis, high post, white and rot holes on hands. It off the fantasy then ac- now top of the key backs about back down left. Sizing throws it up blocked away out of bounds. That's gonna Balogh guy. You with nine on the shot clock team's gotta respect rob fantasy it going to the rim. He's really good and strong attacking. The basket is good at finishing around the rim. A little shot fake. There. Could do him some good draw? Foul and ask comes into Dorato. Evan pitzer. Now devante into sack. Robert Stilo turns around little jump bus. Zack Roberts with us. It's he came into the lineup. Back within a point at eighteen to seventy Paris, bats past OSA. Boyer turns top of the cave. Looks right. Goes right side with a pastor Bailey. Bailey. Hands are off to sills farces up another long when it's no good this time in the rebound comes courtesy. Tennessee brings it across the time wide left side. The devante quick free off badly off the Jalen Harrison, the rebound back the other way. Harris pushes it out the Isaiah Joe he'll pop up and he misses the great tipped away. And this time it's out of bounds off every pets ravers to tip it, but he got much on it. And it goes out about seven fifty nine on the clock here or the first.

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