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More than thirteen hundred people are being evacuated from a cruise ship. The Viking sky right off the western coast of Norway. According to authorities ship had engine problems. Helicopters are seeing airlifting passengers to safety kale. VR TV reporter, Steve large has more detail inside everyone on board is wearing life jackets team. Water all over the ground. One of the hundreds waiting to be rescued is real vistas Alexis shepherd. She shared this video showing furniture. Sliding ceiling panels falling at the ship is hit hard by monster way. Rescue workers say it will take many more hours to evacuate all those on that cruise ship. Lawmakers on beacon hill are pushing legislation aimed at improving the safety of drinking water in schools. They're looking closely to require schools and childcare centers to every drinking water outlet every year legislation on tab in a house and Senate would force schools to immediately shut off drinking water outlets that show elevated lead levels, the water outlet could be turned on only after it has produced at least who set of certified TASR results showing no elevated lead levels. Meanwhile, water foundations, I don't make the grade it will be replaced with filtered bottle filling stations the legislation would also give public water systems in cities and towns three years to fully replace let service lines and now to a happy tale of. Pepper the dog pepper was rescued earlier this month with a bullet lodged in her leg, she has now delivered a healthy litter of puppies. And she delivered these puppies on national puffy day appropriately enough pepper have been brought into a Hopkinton rescue earlier this month and later underwent surgery. She'll be spending the next eight weeks recovering from that surgery and also caring for her babies. The video of pepper and her baby's is posted on our website WBZ ten thirty dot com. Get ready for some cuteness overload. It is seven forty t. Will check your ride in just a minute. But first, here's Joel stern with sports late blown lead for the Celtics in Charlotte. The rope by eighteen with eight twenty one left by the Hornets storm passing with a thirty two five run and go on to win one twenty four one seventeen Kemba Walker with eighteen of his thirty six in the fourth estate tough..

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