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Is imposing tougher rules on people arriving from the United Kingdom including a requirement to solve isolate to slow the spread of the COVID-19 amaran variant the measures are introduced after new daily cases in the UK rose to a record and with the spread of that amaron variant questions about the efficacy of vaccines Doctor Chris Berra is a Professor of epidemiology of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg school of public health The infection curves for uma Kron and I've seen the data for the UK for Germany and for the U.S. look even steeper than we saw in South Africa so omicron is spreading very rapidly The vaccines do appear to be holding but definitely with lower efficacy than we saw against the other variants Doctor breyer with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg school of public health which is supported by Michael R Bloomberg founder of Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg philanthropies checking some of the vaccine names that we follow on a regular basis Mix picture right now Pfizer up three and a half percent It's German partner BioNTech It's ADRs down 2.3% AstraZeneca's ADR's up 2.4% modern art down 1.3% J&J a by 1.1% Again recapping the S&P 500 Index down 40 now down 9 tenths of 1% to low of the day NASDAQ down 400 down 2.6% the Dow up barely holding onto a gain right now little changed higher by two points Ten year yield 1.42% I'm Charlie pallet.

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