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Now at four fifteen Pacific time, they'll make their way to the team hotel have team meetings as Alabama will also go through a welcome reception. What do you do with memory? Do you put it away if it's a negative or do you somehow try to use it as motivation for Clemson? It would certainly be the ladder. The memory the last meeting with Alabama the CFP semi final when they scored just six points. Cleveland furrow. Their standout defender midst no words talking to Jean won'the hausky earlier this week. He said we got our butts walked and his clearest memory is walking off the field as the confetti started to fall held onto that through. Off-season studied that tape through the season. And now the opportunity presents itself again, not for revenge perhaps. But for don't atonement Clemson has wanted Alabama guys because they want to face the best. We're just a few days away from that happening. All right, Tom, thank conceptually, no country for old men when it comes to college football. It's young men trying to strive have success, and as you said quick memory. So for anybody jelly fatigue on. All right. Clemson Alabama again, right? Some of the principles change, but still Nick Sabin is still Dabo Sweeney. What is the difference of this meeting? Specifically last time we've seen these two teams. It was Kelly. Bryant is quarterback in for Clemson. And Jalen hurts was quarterback for Alabama. And so a year later now we have two great passing quarterback those who got very athletic and Alabama Swiss two and a championship game. And it's been terrific ever since and in season. Trevor Lawrence comes in for for Clinton with this in mind with the idea of Wehbe better passing football team to be to Allah Bama for national championship, whoever they may face. And so this game. Now went from two very athletic quarterbacks who would beat you with their legs just as well as they would with their arms to two guys..

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