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Time now for your K NPR half past headlines have clashed Head losses on these sports 3 14 recruiters are half past headlines The euro semis today, England beat Denmark to one and Sunday they take on Italy in the finale. Harry Kane with the goal in 104th minute on a rebound of a penalty kick was the difference. Tonight. Stanley Cup Finals Game number five in Tampa, with the Lightning up three games to one on the Montreal Canadians NBA Finals last night, Milwaukee felt Phoenix 1 18 15. 22 19 for eight and Chris Paul scored or assisted on 54 of Phoenix's 118 points Tonight. Giants and Cardinals go at Oracle. Alex would against Johan Oviedo Giants lost six of nine. They try to avoid the sweep today or tonight. The A's are in Houston, Sean Man I against Luis Garcia. Brewers trade for Ultra of native rowdy tell is the Chai Sucks. Defamed Adam Eaton Phillies Signed X giant catcher Tyler Heinemann wants Soto and Joey Gallo are going to perform in home run Derby and, according to reports, the Nets and Warriors have interesting. Kevin and Kevin Love if the calves up to buy him out, and the Dodgers have cancelled Trevor Bowers bobblehead night scheduled for August, the 19th and they have removed all of his merchandise. From the team and online stores was your half past headlines. The Cleveland Browns. We lost to the Cleveland Browns. He's gotta be the worst day of my life. Go. I don't understand how we lose Nobody calling.

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