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Shane company jewelry is that it allows you to capture your story was something that will last forever each of these great gifts from our holiday collection is under a thousand dollars our non commissioned sales team is warm and welcoming we'll help you find perfect get hi I'm Tom Shane one of my favorites is our floating diamond solitaire pendant with a decorative setting it comes in a range of carrot sighs and starts at six hundred eighty five dollars come in and unwrap the magic of jewelry now you have a friend in the jewelry business Shane company open weekdays Saturdays and Sundays from nine tell mine and online at Shane co dot com Hey this is Mike brunette I would love you to join me in helping to feed clothe house and heal our neighbors right here in the state of Arizona with a dollar for dollar tax credit to Saint Vincent DePaul this donation comes off of your taxes four hundred dollars for an individual eight hundred dollars for a couple that files jointly dollar for dollar every dollar coming off your state taxes helping the great people at Saint Vincent DePaul go to charity tax credit AZ dot com once again charity tax credit AZ dot com Hey there I'm Scott dean and founder of bowling branch we make incredibly soft organic cotton seeds that millions of Americans locked me out three US president today I'm announcing or twelve deals of Christmas archer just in a pair tree or anything like that but amazing deals every day on our award winning ethically means she's linens and get from all of us to pull one branch visit France dot com and find a new deal every day that's B. O. L. L. B. R. A. N. C. H. dot com good a bowling grants dot com I Capital One you can open a new savings account in about five minutes and earned five times the national average thank you with Capital One means five times the savings to help pay for your perfect honeymoon four five times the savings toward your family's perfect vacation it's time to help make your savings goals come true this is banking rematch Capital One what's in your wallet terms apply we comparison based on FDIC national right to Capital One N. A. member FDIC sunburst landscaping for over forty years providing excellent in commercial and residential landscaping sunburst landscaping dot com windy with increasing clouds tonight dipping down to forty tomorrow mostly cloudy hive sixty four overnight low of thirty nine Thursday sunshine returns five sixty three I'm Carole bachelor five fifty K. FYI this report is sponsored by Sylvania automotive its headlights savings time again which means the darkest nights of the year are here and if you can't remember the last time you changed your headlights it's time to switch to wider brighter Sylvania bulbs visit headlights savings time dot com to find your perfect pair each year more than five thousand young people aged fifteen to twenty four die by suicide six hundred thousand more make an attempt that requires medical attention let that sink in in spite of the magnitude of the problem stigma and shame keep these young people from reaching out for help this year let's start the conversation go to I. her radio dot com slash talk for tips.

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