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How're things stevie Pretty good. I'm just starting to get my head around. You broke this story to me anyway. I don't think you broken. But i've been thinking more and more about george rock wanting to fight mike tyson and i that you know it's brilliant marketing idea. Good good little distraction for everyone under you. Know there's no sports were all been so much different Like everything has been single. I get it okay. I get it not a bad idea. Okay not about. Timing's perfect to do that. And i started thinking. Maybe laura may have a chance and then i completely got my mind back if you make mike tyson. Where skates than i'd give. George larrocha great chance. But it's not going to be on skates. and thus he's not got any chance whatsoever. Unless they equipped george laura with some kind of weapon. I'll tell you what. Even if mike tyson was on skates. It's it's i like. I say great idea just like you and i were talking yesterday about about the you know these these exhibition battles right and you know brooke henderson gonna play tom. Watson or i don't know a a bunch of other stuff right it's intriguing. It's totally intriguing. You always hear a lot of people say steve. You know with the senior golf tour for example or or a master's level in another sports. I never i never played it professionally in the majors. But i think i could do okay on the senior tour. Okay so what. What is completely ridiculous about. The boxing thing is so jordan raccoon. Never box maybe. I don't know maybe did as a kid or something. I don't know right but obviously it wasn't as career who's thinking okay. I could never beat mike tyson. When i was twenty five. Okay or or when mike was in his prime. There's not a chance okay. World champion not a chance. But now i can you what do you think what did you become an excellent boxer in your forties or something you know. Just it's crazy. It's it's absolutely crazy. And you pointed out the tyson's absolutely ripped looks like he was in a younger youth prime yell and not just in lots of guys are you know ripped in their forties and everything and even into their fifties but he was ripped and watching him. Hit the speed bag and the heavy bag like his ferocity of punching is like. Oh my god good so yeah. Good luck with that george. Laura good luck. We talked about that a couple of episodes going We'll see how how he makes out in fact goes on mean he's only saying seventy five percent chance that it's happening but he says the wheels are in motion The other thing. I wanted to talk about just in the chitchat. Portion of the show was a very troubling food. Recall warning not throughout canada. On that is yeah miss. Vicki's kettle chips recalled due to the possible presence of pieces of glass. I wondered about that. Yeah i've i've chewed on those before going these things these things are glass. they're awful. The fantastic assaulting misfit her one of my favorites chicks devi delilah round in egypt's you know like sitting on the couch side by. She'd bust. Open the bag chips. All right and i'd be so we're watching. Tv and you just sort of blindly reach into the bank right steve. You're sharing the bag of chips and you know you grab a chip so anyway opens the bag and i'm sitting there. Not having any sort of ten minutes goes by him. Listen to her crunch away on on these on these chips potato chips. I put my hand in the bag. And all night. I pull one out in a i go to bite into it and it's all soggy out cross. Yuck what's going on there. She starts a laugher head off. Steve her little play. Her little practical joker little prank is taking taking chips. Licking them steve. And then putting them back in the bag. That's a terrible trick. Especially if these days you know yeah yeah not so good these days or the other the other one. I really love you. Because i used to pull this see no eta mommy's veggie. They're the pots enemies. There's always a big dish of them in the middle of the table there like an appetizer. And then there's an empty ball where you throw the empty pods. Will i would. I would mix that up steve while you weren't looking i put the put the the houston and you'd because you're just reaching it without looking and i'd switch them on you and then it ended up biting into one that i just had in my mouth was willing around thirty seconds says again. Your lady were well-suited. Yup she the one st for. We're talking having dinner one of our first date. She parted her hair with her fork. Think i've told you. I remember you telling me that. That's that one so chip maker that's grounds for immediate termination of the relations. Cair parter chip liquor sprint from the home. Like not like we'll talk later about this and then break up no immediately in the middle of dinner on fork in the hair. And you're just it's over right now. And i don't even have to explain it. I can just leave and ever explain myself. Told her probably best you do. Though threw up in my mouth a little. She's would have been a little different like part of the fork and then put the fork down and grab a fresh fork but not the of the fork and then yes. No back into the lasagna. Now it's funny. How hair really just so gross like there's some rules you know you say at subway or something you've got a nice meatball sub and then saying okay ball. There's a big long hair there. Oh like why is that so unappetizing a piece a hair as opposed to all the other gross things that human bodies potentially capable of. Well i never know. I don't know it ruins the meatball. It's okay on the button if it's on the bun part you about it's on the meatball. That's that's terrible. All right back to the miss vicki's thing so again the big food recall warning and So they're recalling. Miss vicki's Kettle chips sea salt and malt vinegar. Baby i could eat about fifteen bags of those right now. In fact in fact. I'm willing to take a gamble even though there's might be glass in there i'm willing to do it. That's how much. I love these freaking things. I was going to. What point. are you going to be worried about.

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