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I'm Chris Trunk Man. Our top story in nine o'clock for football fans. Saturdays, maybe a lot bleaker. This fall major conference is expected to cancel their football season's Today Nicole our box with the athletic, she tells news Channel eight. If one conference like the Big 10 goes, the rest probably will. All these pieces are interconnected. Trickles down up and sideways because there isn't that centralized everybody. USF plays in the American Athletic Conference. It has not announced a cancellation. The Bulls continue practicing the same for Florida and F S U for now. After Hillsborough County schools decided to start class August 24th offering online learning on Lee for the 1st 4 weeks. Education Commissioner Richard Corporan accused the district of violating the law by not offering an in class option. Corcoran encouraged the district to follow the plan approved by the state. We've given him that flexibility and they can absolutely make whatever decision they want. They have that opportunity Governor Santis and Commissioner Corker and harassed if the Hillsboro district will face penalties. But neither provided a specific answer. 23 year old missing person's case They've got national attention with the TV show Tiger King is taking a new twist as the family of Don Luis, first husband of big cat rescues. Carol Baskin. Announced the $100,000 reward for information in his disappearance. Jacksonville Attorney John Phillips is representing the family if we all cared about Don, we all cared about seeing what's right happen. We can figure this out. There certainly rewards there's incentives. But unfortunately, have tto happen. Don Luis was last seen on August 15th 1997. Phillips says he's filing legal action against Carol Baskin in an effort to get her to the table to try to find out what happened. Tampa Bay traffic and weather just moments away with Florida's news on Chris Trunk Man. If.

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