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Story put you would think that if you win the democratic primary you're a shooin right democratic machine and right and the cook county democrats behind you and say all right this is our candidate but like they did with jane burn great she'd be bland ache and they all finally came up by member quickly came a kiss third he it said so many bad things boutter but at a democratic slade that's how it had opposed to be right i mean that's how acts rod out with wajahat with washington at went a different way where a lot of establishment chicago machine democrats white democrats they they they supported republican yet l an end bernie up and before it's too late that was his campaign can you imagine somebody saying you'd better vote for burning before it's too late you know what does that tell you but a lot of people say well that these guys were races but i'm gonna tell you what i don't think the all the politicians were racist i think they saw race as a way to win it was like how are we going to get white voters scared enough to come to come together daily in bern and beat in a washington we got to get all those voters back together and the daily smarties stood up and he said you know what i'm washington one i'm going to support him and everybody was mandate daily because of the latter white voters but the politicians used race to scare you know whites and to you put him in there it's over chicago be gone all the firemen in the policemen living in the coroner's you know huddled they're like squeeze them to the south listen north was cited chicago their neighborhoods would be gone everything that was that i know is what tactics they were used it was an error the marketing and that went on for four years it that's what i wanna get to ray hanania xm and my guest in studio longtime chicago chicago city hall reporter 19th seventy six in 1992 for the south down and the chicago suntimes you know it you would think it would stop at that point but we kind of saw this as well with president obama where the republican congress said we're just not gonna work right and that happened that there there's precedent to that.

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