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No little two zero symptoms can take viruses from that house to twenty other children who then take it back to their house full of battles people. It's yes it's and and again it. You know it was really you know it. It's a big decision because obviously people are struggling for for getting childcare and and the concert home and it's having a tremendous effect on the workforce things like that but it was. I'm sure it was disgusted at very high levels and very well thought out To to be part of the social distancing as well written where I'm from his own. Kiosk nells closing at schools On Friday and it it took the entire family including my doctor cousin. Four days of haranguing to persuade my sixty. Something Mum who is a teacher to stop going into work because that is also again playing against those sort of social conventions. Why she's like no I. This is my job and I have to do. You are in the danger zone and you are. Potentially you're being exposed to this virus every day. It's sort of flies in the face of most of the advice we get in these kinds of moments. Like POST. Nine eleven was all. Just get back out there and shop if you aren't shopping the terrorists win and there's no equivalent thing. I think that that's a lot of the problem right because people do have to sort of Typically people from an older generation have this sort of stoicism. And we'll just walk on and we'll get through this and we won't let ourselves full victim to this. There's this is the opposite of that is what we should be doing. That's right Well said and and that's because we're we're dealing with with science and biology and and you know it's not it's it's not social behavior social behavioral issues. I mean certainly. That's part of it but Biology wins an expert as an expert in this. What were the last two months of Your Life? Like were you sounding alarms to your immediate friends and Family. Much earlier exasperated. Or what was your mood like said well as I mentioned as I mentioned when I was in Washington. Dc about a month ago. I know concern because and again this is interesting I hope I don't see anything wrong here but China you know this outbreak broken China but as a communist society and people are going to be told what they can do and you know they had to do what they had to do or they had to face the consequences. My big concern when I was in Washington about four weeks ago was the virus was getting out into Western societies okay and had just made sway to Europe cases in the UK and and and and such here and obviously these are societies. That are not used to people for people being told what to do. And how to do it? And there's GonNa be a lot of resistance for things like social distancing and behavioral issues so my concern was. Actually that wants this. Fires got out into Western societies. That we would not have the means to contain it like the Chinese have contained. Contain things now and you know this has has played out in in in various places in Europe and right at that time the virus was kind of landing on our shores in in various places. Not necessarily maybe a little bit from China before the borders were. The borders were closed But also from traveller returning travellers from Europe so yes my fears were yes the the contagion that has been seated from China but mostly Europeans assures was going to end up with the situation that we're in now so yeah it's been it's been very worrisome. Seems to be sort of a gradual reframing in people's minds in terms of like not the government is ordering us to do this and scree the government but hey we're all in this together and we need to help each by following these steps and doing this for the good while we're I'm hoping that most people are abiding by that by that philosophy. I think there's certainly enough on social media that there's certain certain segments of our society that are not really doing that writes. Uh Spring break comes to mind is the. I saw the footage coming from Florida Yesterday there was a student for my hometown was on National Public Radio yesterday and they they were having a good time but but they did say well when I get back. Okay I'm going to isolate myself for two weeks. So I guess that's a that's kind of a consolation prize. What is the GO-TO source that you're recommending the CDC for up to the minute information? Well Yeah I mean the. Cdc's got a good sign. I think the New York Times has a good site. I think the Washington at the The Wall Street Journal has a good site in terms of three You know well I'm newspapers and then In the city. So yeah I would say almost all the questions can be answered from the from the CDC website but a both the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times have interesting articles like the Wall Street. Journal had one yesterday about you know. Can I trust home deliveries okay Food Okay and what? What are the implications of that? So so there's some little quirky stuff on each of those sites that that relate to human relations stories that people questions are asked that the CDC wouldn't necessarily have a definitive answer on right willing to all those sure before we go. We talk just a little bit about home treatment because I know obviously the most. The more serious cases a told to Gospel in be treated by In hospitals but because of limited resources a large number of people take the younger people on unlikely to have less dangerous symptoms than being told if they show symptoms just self isolate and treat themselves. I seen conflicting information comes through. About what medication you can. And can't take won't may mitigate it the simpsons won't make the symptoms worse like a possibly ibuprofen might be a bad idea to take. It seems do. Do you know where the research currently stands in terms of what you should do if you're these symptoms and but not to a dangerous level well while sure. This is certainly an evolving evolving process. Here right now so. Ib program went from the hot seat to the cold seat. Within twenty four hours there was some preliminary information that came out of I think it was actually from China. That Ibuprofen may be something that maids condition worse. But when people examine the data the World Health Organization said today reverse that and said No. There's no reason that you shouldn't take Ibuprofen. If you need to take Ibuprofen now one point I wanNA make before. I'll I'll answer the question but is that just because someone has a fever of one hundred one degrees. Does it mean they need to take? Ibuprofen or see the medicine. So fever is actually physiologic. And we talk about this. My course we have a whole discussion about fever. The mechanisms fever. And if you have a fever and you don't know it or you have a fever and you're just feeling not too bad then. You don't have to suppress the fever because fever was put into our bodies over over time here to actually help with the process. Now that doesn't mean that if you have one hundred hundred fever and you have this terrible headache and you feel lousy that you can't take something for it But ideally you should let itself play out if you're not if you're not really a very symptomatic from from the fever but with respect to other home home remedies here. There's there's nothing that really stands out that people can actually do for symptomatic relief from their cough. I mean you can still take coffee. Congestions and things like that. For reducing a coughing and being getting a chance to sleep tylenol or see the manufacturers for for sore throat or ibuprofen Paracetamol for the Brits the Brits but they there is nothing kind of in the home. You know over the shelf Drugstore type of thing. Now that that can be aside from symptomatic control aspects that you would do the same for influenza or a cold. That would be recommended at at home right now. I sort of nasal rinses useful or said new troll general hydration. I I would not. I would not recommend anyone with the current or stew nasal treatments particularly because for for a couple of reasons number one the degree of nasal and involvement and upper mucous membrane involvement and symptomatic symptom symptomatic wise. It's probably not going to benefit that and number two. If they're not careful they do have the potential to end up with more spread of the virus. Okay so I would not really recommend that as a as a routine for for anyone for the condition it. We've covered a lot but is there anything else that you think we should know is useful to know both about the virus itself or about sort of human behavior surrounding the viruses? Or what might happen in the future? Well I I guess it's tough to tackle in the last few minutes here. Specifically President Trump was on television today with some of his associates. Talking about some potential Medications that might be used in the hospital setting and some them are investigational. Some of them are currently available. And we're trying to sort through that information right now. Because there's there's not necessarily going to be any magic bullet that is put forth in the next two to four weeks and but I mean one of the things that again makes this outbreak stand out compared to influenza people. Keep saying well you know we have a lot of influence going around by the way we do have a lot of influence. That's still going around. That can still land people in the hospital and can still kill people but we do have an anti viral medication for influenza which is given to all patients that are hospitalized with influenza and if in the outpatient setting if you get to medical attention before forty eight hours you can. There's an antiviral. Medication would which mitigates symptoms of influenza. So that that's is that cool Tamiflu. Is that the well. That's the trade name. But but the generic name is called Oat cell temp ozil Tama beer and it's available in generic generic forum and so Anyway we have that in that in that that helps us with employees and and help can reduce can reduce in patients hospitalized patients seriously. Ill need security. It can reduce the chances of death. So we'd like to be able to find something to be able to help us with this corona virus to help. Newt move that needle on the death ray back back somewhat here so people are looking. People are are working on this right now but. I'm not sure there's a magic bullet that is on the horizon in the next in the next week or two. Sorry did you have a final question are but my question is is in the final one but just. I'm just sort of flabbergasted by the by the numbers and how they don't seem to line up and I'm just curious if you think that the global case reportings are just extremely low because of lack of testing like the fact that so many celebrities have it and we're still saying it's late two hundred thousand worldwide. That just doesn't match. It seems like more they were able to get tested and the number is actually much higher. Is that your entree now or not. Well I think it depends upon what country you're from also depends upon what you know what? Abacus you're playing on The Chinese cheese their definition several times of the cases here and there are other countries like South Korea have test kits and can be accurate in terms of their their their number of cases here We're not as we're not as fortunate so far in the United States that that needs to change it is changing Hopefully will be completely different..

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