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Uh teachers or mentors in high school and how they were some of the best uh men and they just happened to be gay in trouble was they had not yet announced to the world themselves they'd my come out of their closet and that was the end in alex kevin kline realm exactly where i matt dillon the actor did that was within the plot of a movie that's right airing at they would hold it against in a day or anything of that but it just dawned on me you know it's it's interesting johnny carson bob hope wire those wire those with those two the most effective it might be because they really weren't movie people and i guess that's why jimmy kimmel or fallon or any of these guys would be obvious choices to if it's tougher i think for a movie person to be the host and to kid around with the pit their peers rate uh i will say this the best ratings in the last ten years uh and i'm not sure if it's a circumstantial belong to the episode of the oscars that featured who the mental i think it was one thousand men hollywood's hugh jackman the post and you talk about a guy can sing and dance and do it all so uh yeah surely tomic's vitally are you aware the tom hanks one of his upcoming rules will be playing mr fred rodgers and where there and tell you what you know with this time of the show as a means i have a cbs news hit coming in about twenty seconds and we'll talk about that when they come back we still have jordan duke from ohio is here too so you guys are ondeck anyone else wants to call in to speak with my guest mr jordan rich six one seven two five four 1030 come on join us here on wbz cbs news cbs news update president trump returned to politics and rallies saturday night in western pennsylvania his goal was to get out the special election vote tuesday for republican rexecode against democrat conner lam an exmarine doing better than expected in polling in a very republican district hotter lam land the ham lamb he signed act like a republican so we get you won't give me one vote look i don't know looks like a.

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