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But I I don't wanna talk about the bears right now. If you I wanted to ask you personally, do you think that the NFL will intervene with his Robert Kraft situation at all they went in terms, and they have to it is a matter of it. It's a matter of public record. The police are charging him with a crime, albeit a misdemeanor still a crime and the shield will tell you you don't even have to be arrested. You don't have to be indicted. You don't have to be convicted Vic the court of the NFL will intervene, and obviously something would be brought to bear because of this. There's no question about that. So what what kind of punishment? Do you think they'll maybe hand down? I think it depends. I think it depends on what they learned from the police and after as they do their own investigation. That will determine the severity of the of the punishment. Nice. Even I and as always go bears people say richer next year. All right. Thank you. Matt bought way. The NFL are says it is a wear of the ongoing ongoing law enforcement matter and will continue to monitor developments, so they'll monitor developments and knowing them they will engage in their own investigation. And they will go from there. Right. Hemu? Live Stephen talked to me we relate was going over what's up, man. Go ahead much. Glad the Bill your show today. Thank you. I just wanted to make it clear, I'm totally against sex trafficking. So am I so am I getting tails, but what I'm saying they knew this was going on you know, they let him win the Super Bowl. But in my opinion, that's just my opinion. Once he built a relationship with meek mill, you know, they won the Super Bowl. He put the chain on his neck. I think that he put on the gasoline tuxedo and job by firewood. He did that. And then in recent talks, they were talking about signing cabernet. If I'm getting the correct, that's when the fire jumped out report toward that they would want Dan wanted to teams that would consider him. But it was according to his lawyer Carolina New England would be ideal landing spots or whatever. I don't know what level of validity. There wasn't that. 'cause we're it's Tom Brady going. That's number one. Number two. Let me make sure I get this clear makes for my listeners. What you're saying? Is that his association with meek mill who obviously not just because of being a rap artist, but being incarcerated for the probation violation and alternately with the assistance of Mike Rubin. Part owner for the Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers a lawyer Robert Kraft, his New England Patriots helping to get him out of jail. You're saying his association with meek mill combined with reported willingness to consider bringing Colin capital to the New England Patriots. You're saying that's a reason why Robert Kraft finds himself in this tenuous situation. I believe so that's just my purse. Opinion, you know, once you in the higher up like that. They don't want certain things coincide together, they want you to be on this side. And then that once you start mixing it and crossing it America wants him put on a plateau where he stands alone. Well, country is great. That's just my opinion. I reaction to that would be I think that's a stretch. But I'm in no position to tell. You definitively wrong? I don't know that to be the case. I'd kinda doubt it, but I can understand the conspiracy theories out there like yourself how that could be that could be something as plausible. Listen, listen to this though, if he is guilty..

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