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CBS sports radio I went back it's a home stretch you a couple more minutes to go before we send off the to Evan Roberts of the beautiful Westchester in New York CBS sports radio nationally to opening goal with the hearing of course WFAN in New York eight five five two one two four two two seven eight five five two one two four CBS before this article I want to get this out now before if I don't get a chance at the end of the show but the river job being done here by eight thirty PM and also had to be doing terrific jobs I want to give you a pop for what you're doing so thank you so much he's back at the shop in Manhattan Mahdi to Westchester joins us body how are you hi Joe I'm actually one year behind the a like start falling sports full time in nineteen sixty two I heard your mount Rushmore of remote place which I found very interesting I like to give you my take on guns being a life one Yankee fan my mount Rushmore of Yankee players well the fact that I started watching the team sixty so obviously I had to put my key in there he's now let me let me stop you for a second because you're talking about the mount Rushmore of Yankee players you've seen that I've seen you're not talking Babe Ruth Lou Gehrig Joe Mickey mantle because to me that's probably what it is what I'm saying right okay okay long time obviously somebody has the PMR number one of course two others that came to mind immediately with Derek Jeter and Mariano rightly said frontage okay the fourth one was very difficult because I was going back and forth between Thurman and don Mattingly and you know what I had to go with Berman I mean he was a heart and soul that Los Anke teams will like seventies or three straight World Series of two championships nothing against don don is up there I mean he'd be back for a while I had to put like an honorable mention of course but those are my four I know I mean you know the Yankee fan we follow the team for almost fifty years was sixty is even there's so many great players and and and and terrific ball players that that passed by I mean I think a Ron kitrey inbox your sermon yeah I know I'm guilty of course but the four that I gave you all my top top all Whitey Floyd reason mantle in Elston sure so many I mean but you gotta put yellow to red you don't show up for show up in the late seventies yes them Paul o'neill right and we have so many but I would say those were like a would be my top four yeah I mean I think you'll get a lot of money that's pretty good I I will say it is if you're going to do and I appreciate the call Marty you go to mount Rushmore Yankees it really comes down to four guys I'm in all due respect the Marriott all the Derek Jeter to don Mattingly to Thurman Munson too you know Whitey whoever you want to give me the mount rice when I did see him all play obviously the mount Rushmore Yankees has debate Babe Ruth Lou Gehrig Joe DiMaggio and Mickey mantle I mean to me that's it in all due respect yogi Berra could you know obviously D. A. there's so many guys bill Dickey we can go on and on with all the great players yeah because of that Roger Maris's name needs to be in there at some point kind of gets lost in the shuffle what is a great Yankee we all know that you know so many different guys but I think that yeah if you're doing it from nineteen sixty one sixty two that's that's a good list that's a solid list you gotta put GT or you gotta put Mickey there you gotta put Marianna there like you said the fourth guy gets a little cough you wanna put Mattingly months in whatever you know Roger Maris whatever puts a meter the old equivocal mount Rushmore of the Yankees has to be the Babe the iron horse the Yankee clipper and the Mick those are the guys all right let's continue on with solely in Brooklyn Sally how are you what are you doing today I'm good so how are you the Warner mount I got it that you would but Yankee numbers but I tell you one thing the baby is the only guy that I would make the exception what maybe it's always homegrown spot the vanish I mean I love called I love o'neill the but yeah quick joke before I give you a binge watch to help you get through the next few weeks okay I just wanted to talk about games before glauben I know you remember because you got the best football memory of anybody the name is United game that they didn't get to play in the Super Bowl nineteen seventy two yes was played in seventy two United goes with three ninety two name it goes both one ninety six correct six dot seven speak much down yeah there was a stretch in that game well it was five straight touchdowns name of came on one play eighty two yard off the field United comes on thank god don't think dunk down the field like twelve plates such that they become god seventy one yards seventy two yards out like that one place off the field United comes on same thing eight ten twelve play drive get the bugs on it David comes live another sixty eight yard a big touchdown off the field he was three for three with like two hundred and thirty yards three touchdowns on three plays in that game that was the best game ever to watch forty four thirty four was the final score jets won the game it was weak through nineteen seventy two I think it was September twenty fourth of seventy two was the start of the season later a little later it was only a fourteen game season back then so and never forget worry you'll football memory them habitable it's amazing I got a crazy at the numbers you've got a crazy egg but anything football listen one quick thank you yes I want to binge watching Joe you like any shows you know I'm not I gotta be honest with you so yeah I'm not a big binge watching guy you know I mean I'm not that's not really what I might DO to beyond what he got what he got for me anyway I'm going to give you something HBO John H. B. O. it's called that what the guy that played in justified given the old spot he played a as a share of the yeah Ian McShane this is like the old this is like the wild west days with talking about right this was this was back in deadwood North Dakota when it was a territory right after I called the guy and gal okay I'm going and it was a territory so they didn't have any more and they it was a three day the thing I think it was thirty thirty Dick that this does show the best television I've ever watched any show that you know name whatever the best game of thrones whatever people are into myself included best show ever and you the type of guy listed you for so many years you would love it if you'll you'll get started you won't you won't walk away I appreciate sol solid thanks for the call they carry self fed would divert about it I know is on HBO like I said it's kind of like you said right after a little big horn and general customer and all that but I'm not I've never been eighty eight I'm not a page watcher guy you know I mean I've never kind of been I've never been like that I'm not I'm not I'm not one that's going to sit down for three hours yeah my wife actually celebrated she actually watched it how is that right my wife telling me my overnight days back which is believed to be a hundred years ago now she would actually watch that would sell it's you know a little bit about it you know little bit about it was that wasn't my deal I don't know what she says I I II okay I I understand what he's saying well it's Terry's Terry's walking around saying something about what they would say that would sell but that she would watch your back in the days when I was doing the overnights now a hundred years ago I guess two thousand and four was my last year doing the overnight so a long long time ago look we're at the end here we only got about a minute I don't even want to get caught forty seconds I want to thank all the call is great job is always could not do without you great job by Bob Cooper and mark Cannizzaro again to.

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