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Four away there's word special counsel robert muller may be expanding is focused on the russia investigation to bear down on jared kushner new york times reports that possible influencepeddling from the middle east is being checked out now with the presidential soninlaw's business portfolio a part of it and investigation by the air set found that kushner company sought a major investment from the qatari finance minister to help bolster their upside down investment in six six six fifth avenue earlier in the city the qataris declined to invest just weeks later kushner approve the economic blockade of qatar by its neighbours including saudi arabia that struck some people estranged including connecticut senator chris murphy on abc's this week we could not understand why the trump administration was so firmly taking the saudi side in this dispute between the saudis the emirati emmett qataris because the united states has very important interests in qatar at the top of the list are thousands of us troops that our stations in a base there more on kushner's feature in the white house from correspondent david reich publicly the president is fiercely loyal to his soninlaw and his daughter but privately we're told that the administration is growing concerned about the drumbeat of stories surrounding kushner's potential conflicts of interest at the grid iron dinner the president took a mild swipe at his son in law saying that he was sorry he was late but his soninlaw had trouble getting through security chretien restrictive is top secret security clearance amid concerns that he may be vulnerable to foreign manipulation shots fired at the home of the new york city corrections officer and did mars queens napping at around two o'clock sunday morning the nypd says two men pulled a gun on the co nine shell casings found at the scene the gunman missed their target and fled on foot cops in this story a looking for a suspected attacked and robbed the ninety two year old woman have it around seven thirty saturday evening woman's over laceration pain to her arm and left shoulder nypd released surveillance video the.

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