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News network. Walmart says it's raising the minimum age to buy tobacco products and e cigarettes to twenty one starting in July as AP. Correspondent Jackie Quinn reports. The changes an effort to stop minors from getting hooked the higher age will also be an effect at Sam's Club warehouse stores last month. Walgreens said that it would increase the minimum age for tobacco sales from eighteen to twenty one. And even congress is considering making it national law the community of Beverly Hills, California's going even further just voting to ban almost all tobacco sales with few exceptions starting in twenty twenty one I'm Jacky Quin a con artist who was sentenced to four to twelve years in prison for swindling banks hotels and wealthy New Yorkers says she's not sorry for anything. She did prosecutors said. Twenty eight-year-old Anna Sorkin who was born in Russia used a fake identity as a German heiress to scam victims out of more than two hundred thousand dollars. They said she defrauded financial institutions and socialites into believing. She had a fortune of sixty seven million dollars. Sorkin was convicted last month on multiple counts of larceny and theft and has been in custody since October twenty seventeen arrests Netflix and HBO are both working on shows based on her scams house committees and Trump, I'm Tim Maguire within AP news at House Ways, and means committee chairman Richard Nielsen subpoenas to both Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig giving them until next Friday to hand over six years. The President Trump's tax returns Mnuchin rejected earlier requests from Neil House Judiciary committee, chairman Jerrold, Nadler, special counsel, Robert Muller will not testify before his committee next week. Now says he's still talking with the Justice department. And he might subpoenaed to force them to appear. President Trump raises tariffs to twenty five percent on two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese goods hours later trade talks in Washington failed to reach a deal. Phil Levy was a trade Representative during the George W Bush administration. I think this is going to be directly painful for US consumers, and you as businesses that use Chinese goods it's gonna make us firms less competitive, a Chinese official quoted eight quoted by Chinese media says the talks will resume in Beijing. I'm Tim Maguire AP.

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