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Had seen them launching balls for most of the postseason and then the same thing with Garcia being able to have the he had extra villa that day that the last game that he threw. So he had a little extra something behind it. It seemed like he made an adjustment with his knees that was hurt. In the last start, credit to Brent strom being able to help him make that adjustment to be able to use his legs better, but I look at what they were able to do and pitching is just as contagious as hitting. So you look at the guys in the bullpen and the other starter saying, okay, this is what those guys have done to make an adjustment. We're gonna have to do the same thing, take it into the next series and facing the braves, which is a great lineup itself. I asked him perching yesterday to give me a comp for your Don Alvarez because I said to him, I said, you know, just with that approach he had against Chris sale the way he took the ball the opposite way. He said, you know, he's very kind of like Freddie Freeman like and then all fields approach. Tim thought more, David Ortiz, Willie mccovey. For you, who does he remind you of? Yeah, my dad showed me a lot of Willie mccovey was one of his favorite players. So I have to agree with the Willie mccovey because of the height right, but then also the ability to go the other way extremely well and just take his base hits. But when a pitcher makes a mistake, he knows how to make you pay. And the guy is extremely patient. We don't normally see power hitters. That patient at the plate. So to be able to see that has been extremely impressive. And then also the clutch hit. That's another aspect of what he's been able to do. All right, there's so many great storylines in this World Series. Tell me what's your favorite is among the Snickers. You've got the dad and his son hitting coach the Astros. You've got Freddie Freeman in a World Series for the first time in his long career. You got Charlie Morton pitching in this series. You've got the Astros players. Clearly, although yesterday they were talking about, no, we're only focused on winning four games. We're not worried about trying to reestablish our legacy. We know that that's got to be in the back of their minds. You've got dusty baker. What's a favorite storyline for you in this World Series? I think a favorite storyline for me in this World Series is two things. The fact that the Houston Astros kind of have a chance to show everybody okay, this isn't going to be attained World Series. This isn't going to be attained opportunity for us to win. We're going to show you that we can do it with quote unquote without cheating and without an advantage. So I think there's one aspect that I'm excited to see there and another being the fact that Atlanta gets the chance to be on a big stage right now. I think about the All-Star Game and how it was supposed to be in Atlanta. We were supposed to have that week there to honor Hank Aaron, but we didn't have that because it moved to Denver. So I think of now the city gets to have that stage right now an amazing opportunity for them to highlight whatever they want to highlight if they can highlight Hank Aaron, some of their past players, whatever it may be, but just having this city get an opportunity to be on a stage at the highest realm of baseball right now. I think that's a great, as far as a little substitution that we can do for the All-Star Game. What's your perception of why players respond so strongly to dusty baker? I think the fact that dusty, he's been in this game for a long period of time, right? He's done it for so long. He's been able to really navigate the ins and outs of baseball, but at the same time he hasn't gotten his goal of winning a World Series. So I think that's like the focus of knowing, okay, if I play for a guy like this, he's still motivated by so much. And the way he's able to relate to young players and older players better in players. He's done a great job of navigating that. And that was something that he was always getting a knock for. It's not being able to relate to the younger players. So I think he's proven people wrong in that sense. But then also proven, okay, I know how to deal with the new school of analytics, but then also deal with my own thought and knowing how to make moves in the middle of the game. Yep, having a feel for players for sure. I want to ask you about this. Chris Bassett, of course, all star pitcher for the Oakland athletics. It was on the Chris rose show the other day, and he was talking about the science scheme stealing scandal and according to Chris Bassett, this was an issue much broader than what has been portrayed. Give a listen. Well, no, I just think it was a point in the sport where the entire sport knew what was going on. So it was like, well, Houston's doing this, so we got to do this to try to keep up with them. And instead of someone stepping up, and I don't mean a player instead of the MLB or whoever it may be, they knew what was going on and said, no one stepped up. Everyone let it happen and unfortunately it escalated into something so big that John boy and tricking the Internet had to basically tattle on all the people and be like, they literally basically had to shove the proof in the MLB's face before they did anything, which is always it's always the case with the MLB. The MLB never is ahead of a story. They're always chasing the story behind and trying to cover up everything with the steroids. And that's how it's always been unfortunately. Now, it's interesting. I wrote a column back in 2017 when the Red Sox and Yankee said their Apple watch situation saying that rob Manfred needed to step up and lay down the law and make it very clear. Look, if you use electronics to steal science, then you're going to be in jeopardy being kicked out of the sport. And I've always thought that that was a mistake. The rob made and I agree with Chris Bassett on this, but it's very interesting because he sort of cast it as this being a sport wide issue. And what I would say to Chris, I'd love to have him in a room with all the players. All of your guys peers who came out in the spring of 2020 after the suspensions were rendered and criticized the Astros and said, look, what they did was above and beyond. Look, it was Clayton Kershaw, CC bathia, Mike Trout, players who weren't even involved in this, who weren't playing against the Astros in big games. So many people came out and criticized them. So, you know, I'm getting mentions on Twitter where you get Astros fans say, hey, what about this? Chris Bassett said this was that this was something that every team did..

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