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That is everybody three guard going into a concert, a game festival, anything like that. We want that guy on our line. Do you question each signing? The Williamson looks ready for the next level? No, I don't question it. I didn't question it when he was thirteen years old. I thought he was ready for the NBA. Then look, this is a guy who's athleticism is somewhere to combination between LeBron James and chose Barkley. He's already ready for the league. You just have to play Duke for one year and needed this at a recent do practice like big baby. I mean. Kip step in there too. Didn't even need to give full run for that, and he was have foot on the free throw line, Liz, and he's not even a strong as he's going to be at six, seven to eighty five. I love this guy. Do basketball team studying brought by the way. You know what they call us at Cameron, indoor stadium during the regular season and an one. Hello? Hello? Hello. Is he's Fred, Fred? Hoiberg. Good. What's up. He carried it bowl, you wouldn't draft in? Yeah. Well, I, I don't know if you have a job by the time He. he gets. Oh, well, he spends too much time calling this show. Question broadcasts, the clear Lander hotel, busy feel south beach, Miami. By so Stavish show's brought to you by the day. Double from Wendy's dump the breath. Again done this approximately three hundred foot of six sickles way from being on vacation. See, approximately you tell us what to watch on TV tonight..

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