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At all when I go to a stage and see female release vehicles stage managers and I'll be honest usually the top heads of security of the biggest bands are females multi tasking is not easy and organization is not easy and that's a particular skill that comes you know from what I think the problem is from the beginning you need to have better skills better tools of opportunities obviously strength and our sisterly pushed love and support for each other but it does come from the ground up but when you're up you can certainly help make those opportunities whiter and and kind of politician to those problems one thing I guess that I learned early on in my career doesn't matter how many times you fall it's getting up and how you get up that makes the difference takes hard work tears commitments no frustrations a lot of also you know tears of joy but it is possible generally yes is the CEO and founder of criteria entertainment and a felony here's a song by one of our artists yeah Monday electric it's called follow through with it that's it for today you know USA is produced by me in my CS Maggie Freeling Tennessee mocha and with help from G. month were edited by from and the comedy ness of yet but he said our engineers are stuff beau and Julie Caruso our production manager is that they are New York women's foundation exact fellow is then that would be a guess and this week we say a phone good bye tore outgoing interns Lucas southern and John I think of good luck in your next endeavors we will miss you and Jonathan fact checking my Lila Turner our theme music was composed by saying never we know if you like the music you heard on this episode stop and let you know.

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