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So tell me about your that project what's your both bag project yes so one of the ways that play into my scape from nightmare age was by creating in escape bag than it was really it was really hard too because what i would do is he would give me grocery money every week we have one car in so most of the time he was the car to work but wait he hit a grocery shopping so in grow shopping needs to be done to it he would give me the money keep the car it's our shopping so when i decided that i was gonna try to get out i would just say like one hundred dollars i will take ten dollars from the grocery money and just kinda stash it away or i will go to the mini toiletry idol you know that you travel thing one of the travel the one with the little things of little things i'll you know by some of those and so what i started to do was straight a bag with toiletry items you know dod toothpaste toothbrush just whatever i would need if for any reason i had to run in i wanted to have some sort of you know dignity the next day i think that's really important comes to survive is just having dignity being able to take a shower wash it brush your teeth have theater participate you know in society that's really important and i want to be able to do that in so a just created this bag i put a few articles of clothing in there may copies of driver's license and things like that that in their keys just put him in there so basically was just miss scape bag in that is what i took with me when i when i left it went to domestic violence shelter in so the few years ago right after why state happened i was just kind of thinking about some way that i could contribute something more than just my story contribute something that would directly affect the lives of people who were part of my community now people online people i didn't know yet and so i decided to create the bulk bag in so bolt bill lt just is you know bolts eating run out of the door when you run out of his situation in all it is is the bag filled with twenty three items and you know sometimes there's cars in the air but like baby wipes if you let me know you have a baby sanitizer two first place urine things like that and so i created that and i send them out to whoever wants them so victim of violence i think last year i sent probably about three hundred out the year before two hundred to fifteen the first year bless which increased year by year but sent them out to whoever needs them i don't ask questions not asking questions really important to me a lot of things seek services you have to give a lot of identifying information by law really because a lot of people receive funding from different sources especially federal funding in their certain things that you have to you know no input on paper so you can do reporting i didn't want any of that and don't want anyone to tell me their name or who they are or the last for their social data birth mor their phone number anything i just want you to ask for something in in weaken it's you in the yugo and we never have to know who we were and don't have to know you we don't have to talk about it the next day in so the boulder project was designed for that was designed for inimitably was designed as like a quick stop gap it was it's it's crisis intervention in so that's what i.

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