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Robbie went into just the enormous number of proceedings and all of those uh taking fully six years for him to get an actual time before a judge is that typical yet it can go on and on and on and on and on and check the nature of appellate cases involving murders in pennsylvania and in federal courts to it's a very circuitous route and um it take quite a while so you guys actually got to talk with uh deirdra and dogan's so how did you feel about the about their testimony after speaking with them personally they were very can fear they were clearly haunted by the testimony that they had given um back in 1993 and even before that so with very interesting to hear that it was and they they both told us added we talked to them for the story about can be a fact that they they felt because of their original testimony i do too said that she felt the press and andrzej was saying that he heard creamed sleep at night and things like that became about this case so billy can have little sympathy told us about timeconsuming first testify led to believe that like gamely said they were sincere in what they're saying to us the second time that they light originally as the trial endorphins seemed to be because the he brought the fact that he had been an addict and that he had gleaned up his uh his life substantially that this was also an aspect of him turning over new leaf was that uh an aspect of it when you spoke with him i'm definitely on he really said over and over again over numerous interviews that he does not want to go to his grave with it on his conscience so in the peace you may actually mentioned several other cases of people who were exonerated after false witness testimony did you see any were there any patterns that came out from that did you see you know peoples whose names just kept popping up in terms of prosecutors or police officers there were some really good.

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