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Back and do the news. Frank carillo right. After this graph graph break gene we're crying protests grass stuff. Some of you. Gene the news with gina grad villa. Some breaking news friend. Brad williams just texted me have several people breaking news. Us fire clay hilton really long. National nightmare is over and fired as head coach. Why wait until two games into the year. No one knows but then again no one knows anything. Usc does so we can move on and rebuild got breaking news you can get a lamborghini leiro for two fifty to three hundred fifty thousand dollars buyout and get a couple of. Yeah and i am not gonna point you toward a coon tosh. Let's stick with the old school stuff. Well this is breaking news like so over now or can i do it too. Well rahm who we just got. I got a news alert from tmz that there was a major skirmish over Between bears and rams fans at our very own s-o-f-i stadium. I'm just gonna read this right from. Tmz because it literally just came over the wire here on my phone. Several bears and rams fans got into a wild brawl sunday night with multiple men throwing landing massive haymakers. The violence was all captured on video. Oh good we'll watch that in a second the calamity all started at the beginning of. La's game against chicago when one witness says a bears fans got into a verbal argument with several rans rams fans for cheering the action on the field. Then they said things got so aggressive security stepped in and made them switch seats. But that's not where the action happened. After the game some of the men ran into each other inside the concourses at this new arena. And it didn't take long for fist to start a flying. Let's see some of this brawl. All right this is And i were in some sort of weird new world order where the stadiums are more modern but the people are go. More chrome like the stadiums are state of the art. But the people are all moron. It's weird into and also it's weird because in the context of like all these old stadiums from the fifties and the sixties these guys throwing down felt kind of andy capi. yes now. There's so much zone brushed nickel around and these guys are still throwing down. Yeah and apparently and we'll see if we see it in this clip. All these guys are fighting and there's so much violence that you start seeing blood smeared all over people's shirts and the wall. We're watching right now just tons.

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