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On again. Kirby. Smart is not scared right now. Dan Landing the defensive coordinator, playing man to man coverage everywhere, including Justin Roth. They lined them up with a lot of lot tonight. I think they must like to match up there. And Ross had a little bit of space. But again, not enough protection no longer delay right now. It looks very uncomfortable in the pocket, and I think that's by design a lot of heat brought by Kirby Smart early in this game spires in the punt, fourth and nine from the clumps in 16. Here is Jackson is deep for Georgia back in his own 38. Inspires low line drive punt bounces at the 50 and takes the Clemson hop for a yard that it was hit by. I think a bulldog and now there's a pile of right in midfield right in front of the Clemson bench. The Tigers say they've recovered it. In the fall. They did Clemson football in midfield. Well, you always talk about early season matchups. Sometimes they're determined by a big special teams played at this stands. This is e enormous. Jack Maddox on the fumble recovery. Here's the replay on are monitored it did you know Sure did hit of Kendall Milton. Yep, That's you know, you've got to have communication and hard to see from our angle. That's where as a punt return, it was a rugby style. Punch it up. Ball is rolling on the turf down the right sideline, and Kendall Milton was blocking his man never saw it. It clipped his heel. Looks like the returner was trying to signal to him vocally. Peter Peter, that's usually what you say it means get away from the ball. Get away from the ball. It's on the turf. Milton didn't hear it quickly enough to take a look at it. But it looked to me like that did hit his ankle. Yes, EC officiating crew is heading for the monitor. And with that, during this review will take a media time out with our colleagues at ABC television, 5 32 to go in the first half still scoreless. But we're starting to get some funky plays that could swing this game one way or the other. Georgia.

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