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It is the dead Patrick shoal two one two twenty January first about that all above that yes rob Parker will Blackmon fill in for Dan and the dead that's and yes we all our lives and we're here for you because you know what sports never stops would you agree with that I agree sports never stops and also I don't think I went to bed you can go to that you had that kind of night no I did and I just knew I had to get up so I think my body just wasn't fully rested at least I said hi to my wife person she didn't hear me she was she was knocked out she's a that means go look today a good show and will not it's the first time we're doing a show together it is up to you over at FS one yeah doing your thing we just haven't been able to be on the set or do a show together no yeah I'm excited I appreciate this is this is an opportunity they asked me about this and I'm like I will be there I am not going out the night before they got to be well rested even though I didn't get much sleep no doubt about it already well we already got we got big news this morning this is been out there for a while that Ron Rivera was going to sign with the red skins and so it is official now signed to a five year contract to be the head coach of the aisle one of the worst organizations in football I know you played there for people who do not know will black when of course off we safety in the NFL won a Superbowl with the Packers giants energized to know so I I wait I got released the agree bay when I had to and I went and I wanted you to drive yeah okay I thought it was of no you're good I should have it in my mind I look at you and if you play my mind I want to I got your clothes that team was amazing that year but you won the one with the John next year yep yep so there we is all Superbowl champ as well and knows all about the NFL and played in Washington DC I'm just gonna go right off the top and I'm a tell you that I understand robber bear one another gig he got fired and Caroline all right but I think this is a mistake to take a job in Washington DC and to work for Daniel Schneider probably the second worse are posted you can work for DC and I don't have to tell you our soul that's not so bad I think this is because what Daniel Snyder has done to this organization when I was growing up as a kid loving football and watchin the Redskins seriously war war one of those franchises that you more that you that you look that you see they had to cover up seats are you know empty seats all over the place I'm a ticket on the lower section for six Bucks would you believe that in DC no they got sports fans that love sports downtown DC you played there what but it's a bad it's a bad deal and you know when you look at what's happened down there it has to fall on Daniel Schneider and and because he's running the whole thing and it's been a a will overall big door with coaches and general managers and him making draft picks and being friendly with players and you know interfering and not letting the football people do their thing so you know what good luck to Ron Rivera but I just don't understand with the all the jobs that are open or could be open right that he jumped at the red skins job when I look at the cover I don't think it's it's stocked I do not know what the appeal all the red skins is Wesley would Daniel Snyder my goal too hard for January your screen a mortal because you know what you're what you're doing you're basically saying everything that Mr Daniel Snyder has finally realized he's in why is this job not attractive why how good does come how come you know when they were looking for defense Cormier coaches like Gus Bradley interviewed and said no thank you you know and a lot of it was because he did hand over of the full decision to certain people obviously the biggest name out there is Bruce Allen is who's working with who's got five who end up getting fired I I remember quick story I remember when they hired Scott McClellan former GM and when Dan hired him he said Hey Scott I'm give me the keys he said fire whoever you want like do whatever you got to do and so Scott decided that you know I'm going to value everybody I decided Hey this is good people here I'm going to keep them in a dozen the same people that end up you know testifying against him to get him out of there so there's a lot of things going on there so the biggest thing too is that there were there were some calls from agents saying that you know we don't want to go there if certain people are there and are in charge and there was also Dan hired a bunch of advisers to help to make the decision so he really had to get rid of a lot of people in that building to make this job attractive to get to get somebody like Ron Rivera like he's gonna want total control right well he's a respected coach about only two time coach of the year yes what needed to happen you know and I and I get all that well but it's it's not rom Rivero is its will will they will Dan allow him to do it because I know you know what I mean I think everybody goes it think it okay yeah then as soon as you told me Sir is about whether you want to turn this around here you go and then all of a sudden you you're not that there's a reason and we'll talk about a later program there's a reason why the cowboys have won four playoff games in the last twenty five years could use one of our constant any organization right okay no matter what players of calm no matter what coaches of call no matter what is the same thing but Dan is not involve like Jerry like like that Joe he's all the way involvement but there's something wrong in DC and I I have to go to the head as well but that's what he cleaned out what was going on you know I understand people alive you may not like him or he needs to do this and that whatever he has done but he is clearly trying to win and right now that division is is ready you know it's it's a weak division right now and they believe they have found is going in the right man in there and they they needed of of a full grown adult like Ron Rivera who's gonna challenge everybody I believe that he was right that I knew once he got there they were not real a lock the door not let him leave right it was amazing because you know it was out there that was going to happen even know it took a few days and and then I get I remember Adam Schefter digging said if that just wasn't a snag in the deliberations it's going to be a done rail and I I get robber verre obviously had a lot of success three of four in the playoffs had that one year you know they should a one that's super ball out still with one or more shocking remember that year yeah I and fifteen I went to the game actually what I mean is that that like that was totally against everything they had done that year they couldn't figure out what Denver Denver that a great defense that year but but Kim Newton was neutralized and and Jay impair wasn't playing well at the right so that was like a good opportunity to was energetic event if you remember pay not think had a little less than a hundred yards a hundred yards you won the Superbowl like yeah like about a hundred yards I don't either the mitral one touchdown and how to pick whatever it was really really pedestrian you look like the the ten men he could move around and somehow they were able to win because the defense was so dominant but anyway I I it's just been a bad run and terrible one for the people in DC and maybe dental sliding need to change the name of the rescue that might start everything right there maybe you can do that well I he started there's been enough the fire Bruce Allen hash tag has been going on all year in its look at these trying to really show like okay everyone saying it's me a bruise me a bruise it's it is not me yes I made decisions for the decade that's been going on here so I'm really going with an organization to making these changes and and and it needed to happen because even play in there it was just awkward I've been blessed to be at organizations like the Packers right where everything was clean and specially when he became so like political business stuff in the front office we had no idea what was going on now you never heard anything about the pack when I was in the giants same thing what what Coughlin a reason the mers in the tissues like you you didn't hear anything the obviously in Green Bay of course we have the four I was there with the farmer the Rogers thing but that was so obvious why do that they were trying to move on but when I was on the red skins it was like something was always off that's every day right every day there was a rumor there was a leak there was a story is like bro can we just play ball eight you we get people in here who can look legit make football decisions and and they did they got they got mostly in the got Scott McClellan who does this strike plate you could act like you don't hear anything but a distraction when you're able to strike players we were fortunate to have a lot of veterans on that two thousand fifteen team that we won the division who were able to go about their business but when a lot of those guys who were brought in by Scott McClellan you know you and get affected soonest comical got released I remember I I called cell and I was like so I know Scott hired me it was in use like what's up do I do I need to ask for releasing go somewhere else or like they just want to know where your money or your guys live off it as one Scott guy we once got got fired all his guys gone by and that's usually what happens and and and you know that you know the business the same thing in our business if if you're at a TV station or something in the news director gets fired who hired you right new guys come in in association why go on god right is like no I got my my got my guys Chicago here right right to take your job yep white soul so you kind of know all those things but but this is interesting and I know Daniel Snyder all you know okay ma'am what a floor you when you first bought the team but it's been years now I don't know how long as you own the team now has been twenty years close to it right yeah and nothing I know they want a couple of the one a couple of divisions right couple yeah I cook because had some success there but they didn't see enough in him to keep him around right there was something definitely there for got it they drafted watched every practice every snap you ever had a never wanted to commit to him yeah Scott was trying to do twenty years exactly unbelievable yeah yes when they were true Scott was trying to commit to him but he was like listen I'm not about to give you thirty a year out you'll be set for life like you take care taker you all build you a great team you'll be paid you'll be set for life just don't mess it up but you know I'm sicker are you roll the dice in and in and played is all cars the right way in and get what he wanted I got a first fully guaranteed even Kirk the want to sign I remember I okay well you know the story so we were in Arizona have lunch with her before we play the cardinals and the biggest thing he said was.

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