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I reject your theory completely, but you know what there needs to be some backlash to this, this would be disastrous to really has to be a better way. And I think the biggest question here is what the hell is going on the accurate mortgage, talk and text line is open. Now, give Jeff call four one four seven nine nine one six twenty four president get in the race. We'll, he run had now WTMJ's Jeff Wagner, speaking that grew it. That's I haven't heard that opening week where we interchange it up every few weeks. Yeah, every couple of months, I think a couple months or frequently you'll more frequently actually earn your money for goodness sakes, before you leave me to run for president. Absolutely. I I I love it. Love all the new sound effects and things like that. All right. Let us get started hope you had a great Father's Day. Little bit chilly. I'm still waiting for spring to come here. We were okay? I understand if you wanna see how I spent my Father's Day. Well, it's some people have cookouts some go to the beach the Wagner's we go to Arlington race track and play the ponies. And so if you follow me on Twitter at that shift, wake six twenty that's a picture of my brother and I and my niece and nephew and my lovely charming wife down at Arlington yesterday. I also got one of these deals if I told you so because the forecast it was supposed to be in the seventies going down into the forties at night. Well, it was pretty consistently in the low fifties. And my wife brought Blake it's and stuff like that long. I kept saying we're not going to need them. Just leave him in the car, and we definitely needed him. So she had to run back to the car to get him. So I've been hearing about that for the last day or so, but appropriate. She's like don't doubt me on these things anymore. So the weather guys kind of scrutiny up, but you know what something that happened and something that I noticed that the racetrack yesterday really informs where I want to start today's program forever. Everybody out there who thinks that we need to increase the minimum wage for fast food workers to fifteen dollars, an hour or more or other workers to, like fifteen dollars an hour or more be careful what you wish for, because if it happens, you are going to see incredible unintended consequences. Here's what I noticed gesture now I have been going to racetracks dog racing horse racing. I've been going to race tracks since I was a young man. All right. And years ago when you would go for example to the Arlington racetrack. What you would find when you went in there is, you would find row after row of what we call racetrack writers, you know, the tellers and people would go up to the windows and say, I want ten dollars on number four to win, and they would punch that out and they would give you the ticket. You would you would see I mean rows and rows. Of these tellers when I went yesterday and I'm not kidding. On the second level at Arlington. There were two or three human beings that we're actually like writing tickets and giving cash out on the first floor, the main level, I saw one-two-three, maybe five maybe five, and my guess, is if I had been there, fifteen years ago, I would have seen. I don't know fifty of them, but but they were down to four or five. Maybe there were a couple more scattered around, but, but not many. So what's going on our fewer people betting? No, all the human beings have been replaced by these automated machines. You walk up to the machine, you put your ticket in or you put cash in and the screen comes out and you play your own bets, and that's, that's just how it works. And they must have had that they had probably had hundreds of these automated machines and. I admit there a little intimidating at first, but after you use them once or twice you could figure it out. And so there were people they weren't standing in line to go to the tellers. The only times I stood in line to go to the tellers actually had a pretty good day at the track yesterday. And so if you wanted to actually get cash, but otherwise, if you just wanted to place bets use the Valter use the cash, you are all set and everybody I doubted to it, and this was a huge Father's Day crowd. And my guess is that, you know, there were a lot of people at the track who maybe had never been before, maybe go once every couple years, and they were these automated tellers and after they used them once or twice they got comfortable with them. There was no need for the human being to be there anymore. They're just they're just wasn't. And so all these people who had worked there. Well, their jobs ended up gone. Now I was thinking about this is the fast food industry. We always think about going through the drive through. Ndo and placing order. I want to cheese burger with fries, etc. Well, it's not that hard to pull up to the drive through window and punch a couple buttons. You don't need somebody necessarily taking your order. Or if you walk into the restaurant, you know, a kiosk and these kiosks relatively cheap, you can push the number you can do that. Think about the banking industry. I mean think about how we used to get cash. Not really that long ago. If you wanted cash, you would write a check, you would drive to the Bank, you would walk into the lobby and you'd give the check to the teller or alternatively, you'd go through the drive through window. Almost nobody does that anymore. You know most people what do they do? You've got the ATM card you go to the ATM and you can conduct pretty much any transaction you want to conduct. You can get cash up to a certain dollar amount. You can deposit things you can do this. And. That's why when you go into a lot of banks nowadays where there used to be teller window after teller window. They're not there anymore. Same thing is true in grocery stores, more and more grocery stores are moving to those automated checkout things now I think people are still a little bit resistant to that. I think a lot of people still like to actually go to the checker and they don't want to bag their own things. But, but I my prediction is a couple years from now that's going to be changed as well. And maybe yes, there's going to be a cashier, but it's going to be a cashier checkout line. And everybody else is going to be using these automated checkout things because we adapt, our number is four one four seven nine nine one six twenty that is the economic mortgage, talk and text line. I think as we become more comfortable with technology, whether it's placing bets at a racetrack or using the ATM in. Place of the cashiers at the Bank or whittling fast food from K at kiosks or any of these other type of situations. I think the reality is the need for people is disappearing faster and faster and faster. Are we going to adapt? Do you miss having to go in and see the teller do you miss having to go through the cashier line? Do you miss having to go up to the race writer and tell them what your bed is were are we adapting and as it costs more and more to for example, higher, the fast food worker, isn't more more likely that the way companies are gonna respond by simply saying, fine. We're going to automate this four one four seven nine nine one six twenty that is the accurate mortgage talk and text line. I'm telling you I was at the track yesterday. I have seen the future and the future is machines. Are people demanding more money? Are they essentially just increasing the speed with what that future brings four one four seven nine nine hundred twenty? If you're on the line police on, we discuss in just a moment this weight. Stick around. Jeff Wagner.

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