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I was going to go on Oh interferon The, doctor said I balanced myself out. Pretty, well So they called that off now on. Doing well I, take a lot of vitamin c This'll garlic Those are, all good but. No medication That's good well and, just keep in mind that you know just like we talked about l. Argentine being an amino acids found in foods that can stimulate. Viral activity l. wising is the opposite so l. y., s. i. e. Leising will actually come in and can help I mean hep. Sees a pretty big animal but L. wising can come in and help create kind of call things down chill things out and help it to go. A little, bit more on the dorm that, side So that might be something you want to look into as well. But your foods of course are going to be important I would look at vitamin d levels, make sure your numbers of between seventy and ninety on a blood test it's kind of like, one of those things like even you can feel the effects of it fatty liver and all Don't let. It, get. You down keep pushing through trying to keep your normal routine daily. Routine and that does a lot for your mindset but. It also does a lot in dealing, with any kind of health challenges especially like hep c. triple eight two. Eight three seventy two seventy two lines are open with questions about your health Tom you're next, with us hi Tom How can. I,.

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