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A. p. i e. r. dot com slash narrative isn't for your free fourteen day trial welcome back to narrative ways and across from me jeff trammell and we are looking into the modern black masterpiece candyman this is this has been the most fund and that's that's what i wanted to do because spooked over scary scary things and there are lots of fun scary things but it's crazy to look back attack on candyman because it really is like like i'm not like i'm saying it in a lot of funny things but i'm not joking in how big ah impact candyman has like i mean there's noth- what's the other big black horror movie yeah besides tells from the yeah i think that's right candyman tells us came along and get out yeah no so yeah there's been nothing for thirty years it was either this or acrimony from tyler perry scariest movie for ah oh oh man so so so we went to chicago he was scared now talking such an excellent like now you're caught up got up so now we get to the casting which is wilder than me ready for so eddie murphy was the original choice for the role of candyman but his filmmakers cannot afford him which means off the film was off to a great start but also he's not the choice like like well in the biggest comedy star is going to be our horror guy yeah yeah that's that's how i learned my eddie murphy impression needs some tightening up the point i mean at least you did it according to a met with bernard rose who's a brilliant ma and a great director and i wanted to say and i wanted to say it was higher but i just people kept telling me oh you'll never be able to shake this and he said you know i'm going to do the best i can go with that when i read it i saw the bees and stuff new things like that hadn't been filmed before so that was interesting and i always wanted to find my own personal phantom of the opera todd negotiated a bonus of one thousand dollars for every beast ing he suffered filming he was stung twenty three times matt smart like you gotta pay me iraq every time i get star also like how do you do you li- or do they check you for signing i know talking talking about iraq i got stung a millions of just saying i'm at the doctor right mattress so you know it's the ninety so i can't send you a picture i left my polaroid in my in my cat lacking so you have to believe mick i'm calling you on a landmine oh my gosh so that's got so that's why we got todd and then virginia madsen was friends with director bernard and his then wife alexandra pigg and manson was originally was originally to play the all of helen's friend bernie while pig was to play helen okay so he's going to cast his wife yeah yeah the choice was then made to make the character of bernie african americans so that's and lost the park diversity strikes again as shooting was about to commence peg discovered that she was pregnant so the road of heaven helen was offered to matson at madison been unable to step into the role producer alan poll was partial to so he was shoot wait so he was like i it's going to be my wife she pregnant though so yeah are and then the home he couldn't do it book say i can't talk about are you kidding me is this early sandra bullet because sandra bullock said bullet and she's sitting behind the director's wife and a man that that'll tha that tells you everything welcome now everything sandra bullock oh man so the film score was composed by philip glass and according to glass is become it has become a classic i still make money from that year what a flex astana came so i'm still making racks thank god for me because i'll make last the you know the candyman theme of the top of your head no not at all i couldn't if there was a gun in my own bed i don't know the i'm just going here comes yeah i'm gonna i'm gonna see if we can find it on spotify to get here i am contributed into that right now candy man candy man anthem from candyman so it does because this isn't even his re this isn't even the track it's from halloween themes so we definitely have some clout when he's getting a copy by and i'm gonna bangor prepare pretty close with them i feel like he gets for for like dub step tracks that sounds like every the beginning to every dub step song i've heard in my life i just need is they do look producer dan if he used that in his it's gonna be like yeah oh oh my god oh this is the best oh here we go eat talk and he's he's put numbers on the board tony todd confirmed in an interview with is that a limited edition featuring seventy five thousand copies of the film soundtrack was released in february two thousand fifteen how many so what i want sir can you really have seven thousand nine hundred ninety nine copies sitting in the trump they're talking about that all right let's talk about this released baby so the game man had its world premiere at the nine hundred ninety two it seems like tiff was getting wild then it was released in october on october sixteenth nineteen ninety-two where it made i'm twenty five point seven million i want to know the budget all right the budget was eight to nine million yeah well you get the guaranteed twenty for black people we're gonna show yeah yeah we're gonna show a so so you you made a you made free throw you didn't think but i mean that's a huge come up remember sequel so we should have known i know yeah they did i the critical response so rhonda mayo has it at seventy four percent fifty three surveyed critics with an average rating of six point three ten the consensus raids though though it ultimately sacrifices some mystery in the name of gory thrills cheney man is a new wants effectively chilling tell benefits from an interesting premise and some fine performances i that's the one thing you want to hear about a horror movie isn't isn't nuanced i mean think about it a bit but great yeah oh man let's talk about our home ebert because that's that's a you know he's not holding back ebert wrote elements of the plot may not hold up in clear in the clear light but that didn't bother me much what i liked was a horror movie that was scaring me with ideas and gore instead of simply with core bad so it's okay they did good kevin thomas from the LA times though he called it clive barker's worst to date and he says it quickly becomes as repellent as it is preposterous but let's league can't slander this man say honestly he could just be a racist kevin thomas breath lawyer contacted the podcast so i did not say that these sometime what sooner or later house of works is going to be all the plug on my mouth so the film came in at number seventy five on bravo's one hundred scariest movie moments in the character came demand came in number eight on bloody estimates top thirteenth slashers in horror movie history and ranked the same on you ghost top eleven slashers tony todd the actor who played gain made number fifty three on retro crushes one hundred greatest horror movie performances for his role the film appears in two sections of films dot org greatest scary movie unseens and grays movie twists boilers and surprise endings and that's that's that's just all about the i guess we got to kind of talk about the plot i noticed we talked everything also we gotta talk about here's one thing about candyman that i want to that i just remembered that messed me up so this is the poster yeah i don't like that i don't like that but what does this poster also looked like can't even shows a be crawling into an eye and it looks very similar and it's like a very washed out white i and it looks a lot like the silence of the lamb like one silence of lamb came out and eighteen ninety one this came out in nineteen ninety two so i'm just saying somebody was copying somebody maybe it's just one guy who's doing the he's like he's like all right well we got james and the giant peach peach somebody knows they look son that you did you see the number does that silence of the lamb was doing put a bug on a white face don't don't do nothing else put a bug on face 'cause that's what we gotta do basically the plot of candyman has helen lyle who's a graduate student this is very much the same as the short story whose researching urban legends and hear about the local story of candyman the legend came claimed that candyman can be summoned by his name five times while face emir whereupon he will kill the summoner with a hook jammed in the bloody stump of his right arm she encounters two cleaning ladies who tell her about ruthie gene arrested of the notorious cabrini-green housing project who they claim was killed by candyman helens research turns up twenty five twenty five other murders in the area similar to ruthie jeans later that evening helen and a friend bernadette walsh skits the cooler candy man's existence call candy man's name into the mirror in helens bathroom nothing happens helen learns from professor philip purcell candyman was the son of a slave here we go here's the juice of the origin of candyman can't a man was the son of a slave became preposterous after developing a system for mass producing shoes in civil war wade so can't even is the son of a slave who makes sneakers during the man american one on need kim during the civil war he grew up in a polite society became a well known artist sought after for his talent and producing portrait's after falling in love with and fathering a child with a white woman it was hard to paint in eighteen ninety candyman was set upon by lynch mob hired by his lover's father they cut off his painting hand replaced it with a hook he was smeared with honey stolen from an apiary attracting hungry hungry bees which stunned him the death toll is a long way to go to just kill a man and his corpse was burned in the pyre and his ashes were scattered across the area work cabrini breed now states take it was like first off take yeah then then there's like all right we cut off his hand what can you not well i got it honey bro and you know what i know bees like honey going to stay stay to death and we don't earn his corpse and then we just sprinklers at like well he did putting this wheel is ashes we know you got to respect the will even if we lynched and we got respect that will go on sprinkled ashes everywhere this plot is wild it is ashes and the essentially ganked poltergeist they're like all right so that's the so yeah hey guys you you you you live on the barrel ground of natives what have we take that it can use it for this again i started watching the movie last night i didn't finish it for multiple reasons our busy it was i was but okay they explain where he got the hook from and do they explain why is named candyman well the hook it's they said they shoved it the the stop when they cut his arm off and lynch why that that is a wild thing but i've had his hand off a put a hook on it we got a sprinkle i don't know that is wild so helen decides to write a thesis on how the residents of cabrini breen use the candyman legend to cope with the hardships of living there she and bernadette into the housing project to visit the scene of ruthie jeans murders there they meet anne marie mccoy one of the residence it's a young boy named jake who tells helen the disturbing story of a child who has cash trade it in a public restroom by candyman while helen lords the rundown restroom she is attacked by gang leader who cares hook and his assumed has assumed candyman monitor in order to enhance his street cred of candy man little shooter nah candy man carry hook for some reason this is great hello survived the salted is able to identify her attacker to the police who believe him to be responsible for the kid things attributed to candyman helen tells jake that candyman is a made up character that.

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