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Try seven to one the fortify favorite code honor goes down finishes fourth off the board. Stick look at me. Hosts he's run three times. He's one of them. He's finished third in the start. He's over one hundred eight thousand dollars in career earnings owned by centennial farms trained by Jimmy jerkins bread by Lister Lister and Lister in Kentucky individual by Jose Ortiz. The pedigree at the bottom of the horse card. He's by Cairo prince that of a Lionheart mayor named feline flat-line now again. This is just a very basic way of looking at this, but strictly from a speed figure standpoint this race much nicer much more appealing than the one that we had out on the west coast me hosts an trophy chaser, both are ninety Beyer speed figures for their first and second place finishes here in the Mu-chou macho man, Gordon entire eighty six and Kotova honor seventy seven me hose. I liked him. Coming into this spy like what he'd done in both of his two lifetime starts prior to this spot. He is not a visually impressive horse. He's the kind of horse that you're gonna watch him and he's going to grind and grind and grind. He is a little bit late with his lead changes. But that's been him in all three of his lifetime starts, but he just he he wants to go and get you he tries and I like that I like to see that from horses as opposed to a horse that sits a pretty good trip. And then all the sudden there is nothing going on. And that's what we saw from code onnell talk about him a little bit more here at a second meals. Though, visibility determined effort, the Gallup, wasn't brilliant. But it wasn't bad either. I thought it was solid enough. Jimmy jerkins was very noncommittal about where they would run him next. But he said the logical spots would be the next ones to consider down in south Florida. So whether it's the fountain of youth or the holding bowl. The Holy Bull comes first. But you know, what I'm saying one of those races eventually probably leading into Florida derby big effort from him. I thought this is impressive. And I think to me he's a very very interesting candidate going forward because based on his pedigree. I'm not totally convinced that additional distance is going to be what he wants. I wonder if he's going to be kind of that one turn type, but we are still at that point in. It's so early on you have to find out if they can continue on with it. I thought this good effort from him. I liked everything. I saw also really impressed with what we saw from trophy chaser. Now, I expected him to be the outright pacesetter in a race that admittedly on paper. It didn't look like it would be a blistering pace. But then when you see that there were a number of other horses that went out there gladiator king took a little bit of a bump out of the gate. He was intent on going. He was in Overmach longshot in here anyway, but then yet a horse. I well defined for the place. Now, you had tro. Fy chaser. They got a quarter in twenty three half and forty five and two three quarters and ten in one. So this is a pretty legitimate go of it. And the fact that trophy chaser put away the other speeds, and he only barely got run down at the very end buy me hose, and he galloped out on par with me hose. This is an impressive effort. Now, the thing I don't know where I stand with trophy chaser. I've already thrown them in my horse watch over on dot com. For those of you that are having a difficult time finding the DR force watch. Just this is a kind of PSA go over onto them going to do it as we're talking right here. You're gonna wanna go over onto the website, and it's not in its usual spot in the past before the website was redone. It was in the entries section. If you click on the three lines next.

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