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With your, long career in this sport when a player who played with you bakes it to the hall of fame. What does it mean to you You you you I think you just feel a sense of accomplishment even though you're not, directly connected with it you know you've rubbed elbows, with guys that are, in, just in the league players are met got a. Chance to catch, Don Sutton, when I, was with, the dodgers and you. Know you you you have when they make the hall of fame but, just, feels like, man you've just rubbed elbows with greatness and it's fun and, you know we've had you know we we, we have black rare now going into hall of fame and your round guys like apple pool wholesome, Mike trout who you know are just, in that elite group of players I think I it, it kind of it's a warm feeling you get when you see these guys. Accomplished so much, and you just you know our longside them to to watch it and it's you know it's it's, it's it's a lot of fun and Guerrero will, actually take the angels, into, the hall of fame he's the first player to. Wear an angels, cap on, his plaque, yeah we're, we're we're excited about. That Vlad is a gift all the baseball we know that although he'll, be, obviously wearing, an angel cap and representing our organization we're thrilled about that You know Vlad he he crossed every barrier you could over imagine the might even, might be in baseball Reached, out to teammates and fans and he's. A gift of all to all of baseball Mike. Social joining us on the shell Pennzoil performance line, as all of our guests. Have done so tonight as. Team actually in action right now the angels hosting the Mariners it's two. One ballgame, bottom the second are actually just doubled to deep writing brought Kinzler into score you know he said that that Vlad Todd Todd Walker with us as Nicole Briscoe on the baseball hall of fame. Special on ESPN radio and the. ESPN app that Guerrero was a gift to all baseball but there's another one. A comment Vladimir Guerrero junior is finally going to get called up to triple a. Buffalo so the Blue Jays announced on Friday, afternoon that Guerrero will officially joined the bisons I'm Tuesday After he watches his father enshrines his triumphant ceremony tomorrow how cool. Is that That's, pretty cool and, I've got a son that plays in high school. Right now, and you know I can only imagine the pressure on these kids you know. After their dad, has done, something in baseball, or whatever sport that you play but for junior I mean on the flipside how awesome is it, to be, able to just talk to his dad about the game in about. You know, there's so far advanced in the, head of anything I ever had you know we get all those different coaches but if you've got to live in a family member. That have been, through those wars and, those battles AMAN insistent credible wanted, advantage but, I, mean from what I understand I haven't seen him play that you know he's he's a chip, off the old block and if he can near what his dad. Can do pretty special baseball hall. Of fame special on ESPN, and ESPN app we're, going to wrap things up when? We come back six we'll go. In, tomorrow, but who goes in next year our thoughts in just a few hey y'all we're. Taking the, mardi. Party to a whole new level, with Marty Smith's America podcast Ronnie Dunn everything when all, of a sudden bam The Marty. Smith's America, podcast on the ESPN app apple podcasts Hey everybody Brian Murphy here reminding you your time is now to get a BMW and you know where to..

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