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Didn't even throw on a pitch eighty nine pitches through seven. It's two very good starts for half. Which is what he needed. Yeah. I mean, the concern level with him as definitely subside. There was a time. I mean, I could go down. I don't the homeless could definitely go down. There was one. Can we give zero right? Be nice. But when we give up to Ron's, you could take one. Yeah. I mean, he he he came up pitch. Well, I mean there there's nothing else. You could really say I will say I wish he would also start the better because every time he starts bad. It's all right. Well this turn to a bullpen game. And luckily, the last two has been able to avoid that he's pitching Laurie Lee looks more like Jay from last year. Yeah. It was nice. And also, I think was big out of, you know, comes in for two innings after pitching on Sunday and giving you know having his worst appearances Yankee he was good for those two innings. He he looked much better. Didn't get any strikeouts. But got the job done. He needed those two innings just to feel. I'm sure he was, you know, a little on edge after Sunday's performance, which was dreadful that was big mental toughness to, you know, have the phone did Sunday, and then have to your light again in a big spot the following day into come up, though, he did shows he's a war mental warrior short porch front. I was getting a little worried. I don't know. Don't don't turn. Don't be that guy today. Don't don't always one guy. Who does it Monday was Chapman Tuesday was Chad green. And but everyone else besides I mean, we'll everyone besides Chapman. On Monday was great out of Canley has really turned into like a premier arm in this bullpen twenty seventeen Kayla. Love it. Call that Sesa. He's just continues to be ample sane. I mean, it just makes he he came in both games. I believe this these two games and was good his ear as one five nine. What is happening? Well, maybe it's just better as reliever I mean, we were used to seeing him start games last three and a third five runs. Yes. That was the classic Louis short reliever. You know, like when we seen him in the past. It's been fairly. Early warnings. It's start less three get us the six or seven thinning? Louise. Now, it's like you're coming in the seventh inning to get a few outs. And he's he's room back. And he's thrown he's throwing strikes for him. Maybe he can be like twenty seventeen Chad green. Maybe because we lost chattering. We'll get into him in a little bit. But I think the biggest winner. Now, we've talked about any of the crazy stuff that we need to know what it's doing bullpen right now. But John holder needed Monday night. He was great. He even struck up. Mike trout looking. It was one of the shocking things I've ever seen in my life. One of the more shocking ever hit job at older, you know, we've continually gone back and forth between him and Chad green who's lease reliable. They have separated themselves in these two games were jaggery, so unreliable. He's now minor leaguer and Jonathan holder came up big with to show that fourteen runs in seven in two thirds for check. So looking at up for fourteen on seventy two thirds. That's as many runs as he gave up in sixty nine innings in two thousand seventeen. Yeah. Well, he's got he's got some out for Tarpley. We had to do it. He had an option. I didn't know if he had any options off, I'm not gonna keeping track of that. But Lindsay Adler of the pointed out he did have an option and the send Tarpley do chat fix himself by himself. I mean, you got to develop more than one pitchbook. Yeah..

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