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A shot blocking wing. Those are hard to find. I just, I I'm big on miles bridges. I really over that over those last 20 games a year, I was like, wow, wow, if he's anything close to this, that is an excellent player. I love miles bridges so much. I just really like I had them, I think like 8 on my pre draft board back in 2018. Like I have loved miles bridges for so long. I just want to see a little bit more on the shooting sample before I'm like ready to say, oh yes, he's a 16 6 and three assist guy who can, you know, legit be a great running mate for lamella. Like I think he's definitely a building block for them. If I was them, I would be trying to extend him right now. Like quickly. Like I would not want this he is a chance to really blow up this year if the shooting is real. I would be trying to extend him now and just don't take that risk if I was Charlotte. We'll see if that ends up being the case, right? If I remember correctly, represented by klutch. So I don't know that they'll be super excited to do an extension. And not let him test his market value. But they're definitely going to score. I just, I really worry about where the defense comes from. I really worry about where the defense comes from because you're talking about a starting backward of lamella voluntary Terry Rozier, both of whom aren't great on ball defenders versus small and lamella can get driven a little bit too often. Lamella is a great off ball defender, but not an awesome on ball defender. And you're talking about a team that doesn't have any room protection behind them after those on ball defenders get beat. So I'm in on watching the hornets..

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