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One guy meant business. One guy talks for a living. When i was standing next to wade barrett. Forget about it. i look like oliver twist. I look like an orphan. okay. I didn't have any place up there but standing with two guys next to me on either side. That were shorter than me. I loved it. I'm not gonna lie about that. I loved it. That's why at one point. I grabbed justin barosso's head. Because i was so excited about the fact that i could see the top of his head. It's a nice feeling. What can i tell you. It's a nice feeling you know didn't happen all that often for guys like me. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as i did. It was a good time today. I wanna do something special on this year. Podcast on friday. I do a show on youtube. Called sam roberts now where. It's like a topical show but we also talk about pop culture. We talk about movies. And when a big franchise movie comes out that i love. I like to get into the entire universe and there's a lot of movie fans in wrestling you a lot of times. They don't get to talk about it. I had a great conversation with santos escobar about the entire of conjuring universe on sunday after he had had a knock down drag out. We set back and talked about the conjuring for a little bit. But that's exactly what i talked about. The new movie came out last week. So i went on youtube. And i talked about the conjuring universe. Now you're saying sam. Why are you giving us a conjuring universe monologue on a wrestling. Podcast will number one already gave you a half hour of takeover stuff and number two because it wasn't a monologue. I had a special guest on the show. Drake maverick joined me. And i love the guy. He's an entertaining guy. We're not talking about wrestling. We're talking about the conjuring universe but it is drake maverick from an x t. It's a special episode. I hope you enjoy. Let's go the not. Sam wrestling interview on the big screen. Ladies and gentlemen superstar. Drake maverick drake. Are we doing the end bab. I'm good thank you. For choosing the only harry universe i have minimal clo- embarrassment after a wonderful wonderful entrust. I've only seen the three contrary movies which you just buried. There's not just conjuring the only ones i've seen. Yeah i'm agreeing. Integrates review there is in this universe. Yes there is a and don't worry about that we'll get to the bottom of all of that tonight and hopefully you'll gain a greater appreciation for what's happening in these three movies through our conversation right. I mean i get where you feel like. Why don't need to see all these movies but if you want to answer like sometimes with these cinematic universe is they go like well. This will answer every question but you go. Every question need to be answered like do we not have enough information. And sometimes we do. And sometimes we don't but i thought still we should go over at drake maverick. My thought here. Because there's two ways of doing this right the conjuring cinematic universe very complicated one because it's full of sequels and prequels and the timeline doesn't match up with anything so some people like to break it down by time line but for me. I feel like we should break it down by release date because it's not like it's not like the writers. These movies knew that they were going to be eight movies to begin with and that they're riding backwards and stuff like we know the when these movies get written. They're like oh well what if we did a prequel and they're just thinking of then so. I thought that we would go through the movies in the order in which they were released in theaters and then that and then we end up. You know doubling back going like oh this question from earlier. We'll guess what. I thought that would be the way to do it. Does that make sense. I i agree with you. One hundred percent and I have to go back and watch the original country movie. Because i remember seeing it when he first game big may day. Refresher kind of. I don't know why i needed that refreshing. Because i'm pretty good at remembering every film i've ever watched in but it was like i don't know if it was like in the twenty tens like horror movie. There was some drop it so many movies. It was just like that will blend in together like you had hereditary condron annabel of Not gonna especially especially like insidious came out right around the same time as the conjuring and also stars. Patrick wilson and you're sitting there going like what is he. The nano different characters looks exactly the same. And you're like i don't. I saw the first of everything. Just watch as well. And i'm like these the son you don't want anymore. I got it used to watch. Yeah refused to finish the two. Because i'm like. I really enjoyed that first one right. I had the second one bats on just like you know what not bothering. Just skip it. And you're like i understand. There's ghosts and they scare you when you're really not expecting to get scared. That's kind of. That's kind of thing but for me. I mean i feel like the conjuring is like as far as the two thousand ten go and the influx of all those ghost movies like that is the sort of course one. I feel like that's the. That's the godfather of all this. I think the the conjuring is extremely influential movie in the area. Yes i what. I appreciate about conjuring and the three. I've watched the women's a jump scares. Yeah it's actually a scare. It's not like jump scare. Oh it was a mouse. It's not it's not a false it. It's always know there's something to be completely petrified off the it's right there in front of or they will not have the music in check with it and there's just something coming to origin like white light light and then just gives me like. I did appreciate that because that is what was different about it. Because there was a period of in the twenty tens of is a jump scare his jumps. It's jump scare for absolutely everything and there was nothing really cloud on. Yeah human reaction to like live noise. Yeah that's gonna happen with anything. You can do that and romance if you wanted to. Just yeah it would be like reaction if somebody was sitting there just stabbing you with needles while you're watching the movie and they're like well you were wrong acting right and you're like well no. It's the needles. It had nothing to do. There's there's such a huge difference between startling and actually scaring like if you get startled a bunch of times You just took advantage of the fact that this is what we do as human beings. But if you get scared like when you're sitting in your bed and its two o'clock in the morning and you think that like an annabelle doll has come to life or something like that that i feel like it's been effective. There's nothing scary. I've been a slow head. Tilting doll nothing scarier. Yeah yeah well. Okay all right. So let's get started right. let's go. Let's let's go conjuring one. This is where it all. Begins. it comes out in two thousand thirteen. It takes place in one thousand nine hundred seventy one this to me and i'm glad that you went back and watched it because i went back and watched it too and i'm going to get a lot wrong. I'm sure because. I tried to pack in eight movies into like three days and just write down as many things as i could. So you know things are gonna get muddled but still. We'll give you a pretty good analysis. I think i went back and it wasn't like i didn't realize that the warren's were really only half of this movie lake i i think that within this movie they realized how much people liked seeing the cinematic portrayal of the warren's in like in conjuring to they were more important and encountering three they were like the whole movie but in conjuring one it's pretty. It's pretty basic movie you. It's a haunted house movie. You watch this family get haunted and eventually they bring in ed and lorraine warren who by the way if you google lorraine warren god bless them but the cinematic versions are like they weren't like foxy ghost hunters. You know what i mean. And i feel like i feel like in the conjuring lawn. It's like oh we got some extremely attractive. Demonize is here and now in real life they they were just diva knowledge. Is you know in in real life. They look exactly. You'd pitcher. they've been.

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