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So the writing was kind of on the wall here Now, I don't think anyone would have predicted this and amount of first rounders that air going from L. A and through Detroit, etcetera. But the writing was on the wall here. In fact, Sean McVeigh said about a week ago or so, yes, you're Jared Goff star quarterback, but not for very long. Take a listen. Shot. Then he did a nice job, Bill. I thought he improved on last week. You know, I think you really saw a guy that stepped in and he did what he could. I thought he made some plays. Thought he saw the field well, like I was mentioning, but So we, uh you know, he did a good job today. He's your quarter is your quarterback. He's the quarterback right? And the trails off a little at the end there, But J you catch the drift? Yea, yeah, He's our quarterback right now. Okay, Cool. Thank you shot McVeigh. But I think we all read into that the way we should, as like a woman who's married Who understands? I think men a little bit is their quarterback right now simply said to me. Yes, Today. In this moment, as you asked me that question, and I'm not going to elaborate. He's our quarterback. How does that let me go back? How does that house that frame from a woman's perspective? What do you What do you mean? They're it like me. You always tell me I'm a detective, and I like read very much more musical and I read into things and the minute he said this I was like instantly. Okay, well, he's getting traded energy instantly. Their G M. Les Snead had much of the same when he was asked, And he said, essentially, yeah, as of January, Whatever dating throughout 26. He's our quarterback, and he was kind of like laughing about. I thought I was like, Wait, disrespectful to Jared Golf. Let's go there. Let's hear from less need to listen. Oh, Jared Goff said. He's a ram right? Right now. So what's the day? Okay? Oh, January 26. I mean, that's that's a fact. That's obvious Is your golf Sarandon this moment and I said its way toward speculate. Future That's a beautiful Mr Was way too early to speculate. Well, you just created all kinds of speculation. Okay, let's need so Let's just be clear about that. Yeah, And to me, that's bulletin board material for the future for Jared Golf. This a guy who couple years ago was played good football unleaded team. Maybe he wasn't the reason that they got there. But he wasn't a deterrent of them getting to the Super Bowl and as young as he is, it's an opportunity for a low risk. High reward. For him to go out there and shine and I'm listening to lessening. I'm listening, Chamakh. They basically doubt me and for good reason. Look, Shawn McVeigh tailored this offense to Jared Goff because he was limited. He was strapped in the ability For Jared Golf and wanted to limit his snap decision making and his ability to lessen the turnover account. And all it did was spike. So you've got a coach and Sean McDaid. It's like, Hey, I know how to do this thing with an offense and I'm trying to tell her to this guy he's not helping. And I think once he saw the John Woolford was able to do in a must win situation the last week of the regular season Go out there and do the dang thing. It further let him know that it's knocked off my quarterback, and I'm gonna go get one that I believe is the person and I know we got a lot of show to talk about this. I'm excited, too, because it also means a ton of pressure on Obviously you're new quarterback and Matthew Stafford and his legacy in his ability to do things but also I think it puts you on a clock with Sean with Babe because, he said, This is what's holding us back that quarterback position and this is the guy that's gonna get us over the hump. So now there's no hot seat for Sonic Bay. That's idiotic, but what it does do now in the next few seasons shows. Okay, Now, this is your quarterback. What are you going to do to get us past and returns to a Super Bowl and start playing for the hardware? Yeah, I mean, Shah McVeigh now has Essentially decided they don't want Jared Goff. They don't want Todd Gurley. I mean, we've seen a lot of guys that have really big contracts in L a go a different direction. So yeah, this is going to be a little bit on the head coach now, so Matthew Stafford leads. Detroit is the team's all time leader in every single passing category. Detroit, though, is not one of playoff game since 1991. So what does that mean for Detroit? Now, as they get Jared Goff is their quarterback will discuss next listen to the game day on ESPN Radio and the ESPN app. Tomorrow begins Super.

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