Reporter, New Orleans, Joe Center discussed on Delaware News at noon with Allan Loudell


For several years in revolution plus researcher ship expansion is a common sense package that every member of this body should support trump tweet this morning cast confusion on this he said the insurance pro graham should not be part of a short term plan at least nine deaths were blamed on the winter weather that blew through the south along with snow and ice single digit wind chills wwl reporter dave cohen in new orleans some of the coldest temperatures ever here in the weeds and at some residents found themselves without basic services like hot water or any water for that matter closer reporting a water and unlikely cases that means they're pipes are frozen waterboard director joe center be for people in new orleans that do have running water they have now been advised not to drink it unless they boil it first because so many burst pipes of lead to unacceptable drops in pressure dillon farrow was speaking out in detail about her sexual assault accusations against her adoptive father film director woody allen she tells cbs's deal king it happened in an attic when she was 7 in 1992 instructed me to lay down on my stomach and play with my brothers toy train that was set up as i played with the toy train i was sexually assault allegations denied the allegations an investigation resulting in no charges a first for a pope and it happened thousands of feet up cbs's deborah rodriquez several race in accord a flight from santiago two economic recovery which is never a reformed papal plan mary a couple had been married ensured that again spokesman edberg after two flight attendants taller release and carlos lot told francis they had to call off their wedding when their church was damaged in an earthquake eight years ago he said let's do it there are a mighty performed in the front of the plane with the chairman of left him airline serving as a witness amazon has narrowed.

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