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Users have always had access to. When LG stands, like me, were praising the incredible battery life of the LG V 60, and YouTube influencers were telling you, oh, it's not that much difference, and samsungs are better. And now you appreciate having substantially better performance per watt and noticeably longer battery life. You could have had that years ago. I need you to hear this, you have been sold a lie. All right, so. The way here. Let me get this out of the way there. Yeah, otaku. I missed the battery life for my V 60 as well, man. Yeah, the V 60. And I loved the V 60 because I could show like, I could show battery life, it was like, yeah, I got 11 hours of screen on time. And four hours of that was powering two screens at the same time. And we're just now clawing our way back to how good the V 60 was. My V 60 is years old now and I can pull it out and I can charge it up and it'll last me two days on a charge. And that's with really heavy use. It was like my main fallback phone in between reviews. It's sad that now. It was like, oh, the S 23 ultra's battery life is so amazing. And it's great. It's really good. With very low level use, you can get like three days out of this phone. If that was if that was something you valued, then you missed out on phones like the V 60. Then that would have been a perk you would have liked. But again, we had a whole bunch of tech reviewers just like lockstep. Oh no, LG's not as good as Samsung. So you need a better phone that spends more on marketing and makes me more money on my YouTube videos. Oh, wait. So yeah, performance testing, that post is on the Patreon. I went through all of my bar graphs talking about video rendering, batch photo processing, podcast mixing. And there's some interesting results. Remember, Samsung is making these huge claims about Snapdragon for Samsung being this significant performance advantage. And then also there's a part I don't do a ton of game benchmarking these days. But just looking at a couple of the games that I like to run that I actually like to play and I like to test. There's something really frustrating about other reviewers only using games like Genshin Impact. I think it really grossly misrepresents the phones that are broadly better at gaming, but you're looking at this one PC port, which is not well up optimized for Android. So it's yet another kind of plea that if you see your phone and you see this and it's not running this one game well, that doesn't tell you anything about the other games it might perform better at. And that actually is kind of a big plug for Samsung there. In the article, it's really frustrating that the note 23 is kind of a lightning rod. And it prepared me for something that didn't really represent what the note 23 could do. When you see these reviewers, like, oh, and it's the worst performance per watt in Android for Genshin Impact. And you're like, yeah, that actually is probably accurate. But if you get a note 23 and you play other games, that story might change. And I'm not going to put out those performance numbers public 'cause I don't need to embolden the Samsung knights. That's a my bias. Whenever I have something nice to say again about Samsung, it's behind a paywall. I got to take a drink of coffee here. That one messed me. Up. All right, so how about we get all of the stories that we're going to be talking about, the housekeeping, the news blog, the gadget blog, anything that we link to, all of those links will be in this week's show notes on some gadget guide dot com. We've got a bonkers news block to get through. And even with that detour, I managed to get housekeeping done in under a half hour, so we should jump on that. First of all, we're going to tag just a quick little bit of FCC news because this breaks my heart. I could not be more upset about this. Coming by way of ars technica and my newsman crush John brodkin. Biden FCC nominee withdraws blaming cable lobby and unlimited dark money. Gigi stone gives up amid opposition from Republicans and Democrat Joe Manchin. Gigi son would have been the best addition to the FCC we could have asked for. She is, she was counsel under Tom Wheeler. She is one of the most outspoken and knowledgeable individuals on topics like net neutrality and broadband distribution. I am devastated. That this entire political apparatus, this shenanigans have resulted in her stepping down from this appointment, personal attacks, again, misogynistic and homophobic attacks, just the worst of the worst instincts in political discourse, all aimed at her, and our FCC is still split. It should be a 5 member commission. We should have the ability to vote on policy. And right now it's in a deadlock, so it's now just a partisan deadlock, which does not represent what the American people voted for. The American people voted for a democratic president and that president should be allowed to appoint members to this chair. And that hasn't happened. And again, it's just every single time we get in this position, we let the conservatives stonewall and then when the conservatives are power, they get to a point whoever they want. And this one matters. This is how we fund broadband. A couple weeks back. We were talking about how carriers and ISPs were faking their coverage maps. Well, when they don't detail the appropriate coverage, they can block other companies from getting funds to better distribute broadband data to underserved communities. It's a really gross business tactic that the FCC should be able to regulate. But currently, the FCC is kind of tied up in this, well, we can't really do anything because every vote is a perfect split down these stupid partisan lines. So if we want to hold cable companies, ISPs, carriers to account, when they do bad things with our broadband infrastructure, we need a regulatory agency that is able to regulate this market. GG zone would have been the absolute best member to add to this to this commission. And we should all be very upset that this is the way it's played out. I was really hoping that eventually maybe through a year of this nonsense that we'd be able to kind of sneak this through, but the amount of money that cable companies could dedicate towards influencing conservative politicians and Joe Manchin completely wrecked what we were able to accomplish there. So it's really, it's really bad. This is like, how do I know about this? This is categorically not the way sort of a public infrastructure and regulatory agency should work. And again, I can point back to the Trump administration in the years of damage that Egypt pie. Has wrought to the FCC. So moving right along. That one was a bummer. How about for something really silly? Anyone want to tackle a silly story? I think we should. Let me pull this up here. The WWE is in talks with state gambling regulators to legalize betting on scripted match results. So this story comes by way of CNBC, Alex Sherman, WWE is working with the accounting firm EY. To secure scripted match results in hopes it will convince regulators, there's no chance of results leaking to the public, said the people who asked not to be named because the discussions are private. Accounting firms PWC and EY also known as Ernst and young have historically worked with award shows, including the Academy Awards in the Emmys to keep results a secret. Betting on the Academy Awards is

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