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5000. It's kind of important. Bill, you know, and the governor the wine, you know, Come on for nine months, tops looming doom and you've got to do. This virus is gonna get us all. And then they put that commercial one with the sad nurse, he says. I've seen them by now. You need it has to be, You know, no government. Wine needs to get this system working so that we can all get back to native and protect ourselves and others like he's preached us for the last nine months. What I'm saying is fist. I suggested to him and see what happens is there's a big box retailer and empty mall shopping's of which there are many and do and do a A B Maybe. M In another words, have three letters last name in the alphabet Show up and then do that every day. Hire 1500. People get the vaccines out here. Said, Bill We don't have the vaccines. I said, Well, who's got the vaccine? We had to save about a half million vaccines as the backup for the first load, and we're not through the first one. You they're not through 18. There are many individuals and nursing homes right in Ohio today that do not have the vaccine when it's got to be done by today, and it's not done and so we saved half of the vaccines because you had to save that for the second dose. Now they're telling us you can release those vaccines. Which is why we're starting in the age of 80. And by the time 80 75 70 65 are gonna happen. There's gonna be another Heleno 10,000 Ohioans will be dead. Right, right. And maybe I'm provincial. But I don't think foreigners Canadians, for example, she can go to Toledo or Cleveland and sign up. I don't know how that's what they tell me. That's happening. Well, I I don't think anybody's getting vaccinated. I mean, I'm not worried about them because nobody e mean we have all these doses, everybody says, but they're not getting down to the level where you can get inoculated. Looking to my left The guy that runs five, sir. Has delivered 25 million doses, and he said the rest of this year we will deliver 500 million doses to America under contract. But he says you Americans can't figure out how to how to give shots. Right. Well, wait, wait till we have national health care if you think this is bad, you know? Yeah. You can kind of waiting till 10 told government is completely in charge. Prime example. Yeah. I can't believe it. Well, believe me right now. Thank you right now. Gary in Ohio. That is those living in healthcare 80 plus that have not gotten the vaccine. And including this 92 year old mother of the woman from Franklin, who called me and so I hear one thing. But then I reality is something different. Continue go to marry in Mount Airy course No one's ever gotten the vaccine. So let's find out here. Mary and Mount Airy. Welcome to the Bill Cunningham Show, Mary, Go ahead. This is Marianne Exploit. I spoke to my daughter on Tuesday evening, January the 12 2 days ago, And I told her that this board of health he had a something online that you could sign up for your vaccine. Well, she signed me up. Yesterday morning. This is the next day at 12 12 12 30 in the afternoon. I got a call from the Hamilton County Health Department and they signed me up for the vaccine on Wednesday. January 20th, I could take my time. That was 11:30 A.m.. And, uh, that would be for the first dose of the vaccine. You may I asked 89 89. So you signed up. Yeah, and you've won. You hit the lottery, and the next dose is scheduled for Wednesday, February the tent, and it's going to be at the fourth Park Senior Center and Witton Road. So how handy can that be? From where I am? You're saying what Gary just said is wrong. There are human. Are you like a real live living human being and you're going to get the vaccine. Well, they say I am. But after I'm hearing all this, I'm thinking. Gee, I wonder if they'll be calling me and Reese counting that appointment, Mary, We're sorry. It's gonna it could happen. See government officials, health departments. Bureaucrats are busy everyday, allegedly doing other stuff. And on top of their job classification was heaped the responsibility of vaccinating 12 million Ohioans, and they're saying Wait a minute. We're not my calling in Florida was similar, like, Well, you know, we're busy every day doing other stuff. Why? So what? This kind of important Well, I'm sorry, sir. That's what I'm sorry, sir. I excuses. Excuses. Well, Mary, why don't you call back when you actually get the shot? Are you excited about getting the shot? Well, yes, I know that's kind of a mixed thing. I get the regular flu shot every year. I've gotten it faithfully since it was started, probably about 30 years ago. And even at that time, this is an interesting of outlook on it. I called the board of Health the second year and I said, How long is it safe to keep getting a vaccine for flu? They were flavor discs that they had never heard that question, and they had no idea. Well, we hope the messenger RNA. Is a breakthrough. We hope it works. We hope it causes no harm. All the experts say it does. When I speak to my doctors, they tell me absolutely. You got to get it on. So I'm gonna get it sometime. I guess around the first of February. That's when I'm scheduled. And whatever it is, it is and Mary. Call me back When you actually get it. I would do it. God bless. Thank you for taking my call. Thank you. Let's go to Jim and Mason, the home of the transmitter. Also the part for the designated survivor. Which is me, Jim and Mason. Welcome to the Bill Cunningham Show, Jim, Go ahead. Yes, Bill. This is Jim and I played baseball with you on the Bentley Post Legion team back in the sixties. Those in the days of men were men, and you haven't changed a bit, so let's go back..

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